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Truthaboutempire: We would be happy to discuss any concerns you have with Empire Today. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we stand by our products and installation. If a customer experiences a problem, we work to identify the issue and provide a resolution. In some cases, we do bring in an outside inspector to help provide information and assess the problem in order for us to better serve the customer. As a member of the Marketing Communications Team, I am available for you to contact me at or via phone at 847-583-5248. Gina Cielocha, Marketing & Communications Manager
El Paso, Texas

Hello everyone this is just a repost of a consumers affairs with Empire Today. Let the truth out about them stear cleer!

Peace & GL All

"I was making enough noise about my *** carpet that finally "Helen" from Empire Corporate Office contacted me. I remember reading the name "Helen" in several other complaints about Empire. They probably have a room full of "Helens" sitting on their 800 number that say they work for Corporate Office. I did what she said I had to and allowed a third-party (at Empire's choosing) to come and inspect my carpet.

Three weeks later, after my phone calls to Empire, Helen called me back today and read me the report. The inspector supposedly said that the carpet is wearing normally -- I told her that it is not normal for a 15 month old carpet to have dark trails where you walk -- and the inspector had agreed with me while he was here. I told her I knew the dude was an employee of Empire Today -- she says he is not. If he isn't, he must be paid by Empire Today to say one thing to me and put another thing in their reports.

Empire sells such *** that he probably makes a very good living inspecting their lousy products. I am really po'd -- Empire has not heard the last from me."

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Thank you for bringing your experience to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience, and our customer service team would like to work with you to explore a resolution. Please contact us at 800-588-2300 so we can assist you.


Consumer Advocate Team

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Sorry to hear about what happend Cathy, but now you know to stay away from this company.

We all need to figure out a way to put this company on blast via blogs,emails,websites whatever you have to do to let the truth be known!

I wont stop posting about empire until they shape up. Peace and GL all!


I talked to the same person--Helen Brown. She's the last person before you get to the regional mgr.

They repeat the same things, talking in circles like they're reading from a script. They count on us giving up, since it's so aggravating. I'm glad you're not giving up. The consumer protection woman was shocked that Empire was not intimidated by her at all, she called them to demand they refund at least 1/2 my money back and they said no, they had offered to replace the carpet with a better one at an additional cost of over $600.

No way. She suggested taking them to small claims court since it would be worth it. I think she was just as mad as I was. Our carpet did the exact same thing as yours, wearing out after only one year, and having dark trails which I had no idea what those were--it's amazing to see someone else has the same problems.

They don't care, and the inspection company, as much as Empire says they're impartial---they're not. The guy came in for 3 minutes, said it looked like normal wear and tear, but yet he was on his hands and knees with a small carpet rake trying to get the carpet to fluff up and said that's what I should do. that's not normal.

Empire today is a big ripoff and I don't know how they stay in business, unless it's cause they don't get any return customers, only new ones that get tricked by their commercials. I wish I had seen this site first.!!