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Dear Carey,
We regret the situation, if you continue to have questions or unanswered concerns please contact us at
Thank you.
Columbus, Ohio

My sales rep came to my house on May 14th. I was replacing the floor in my whole house.

First quote was 18K but 1/2 price was 9k. I told him that was a joke, RiteRug was 7100 not 1/2 price. We settled on 6k but I had to pay in full that day... hesitant I paid in full..

Shame on me. My install was for May 28th. After no call from Empire I called on the 27th about the install and was told that someone would be here on the 28th. About noon on the 28th I get a call that they had too many call offs and needed to reschedule for June 8-9th.

I called my sales rep Bruce, who told me he quit a week after selling to me. He went on the tell me the company was a joke and this happened to everyone and he was tired of the complaints. He gave me the number to his manager, Mike. I called Mike and told him my issues and what I was going through and was promised a call back from him.

Never called me back. Carlos never called me back, NOT ONE PERSON EVER CALLED ME BACK. And I was told by about 6 people I would be called back over the course of the last month. The installers showed up on the 8th.

Nothing again them, they were great... The carpet people called on Thursday the 9th and told me they would be here at 1, at 3 I called empire cause I had heard nothing. I was told they would be here at 5... I called back at 530 and was told they could come late or I needed to reschedule.

I let them come late cause who knows when I would have ever seen anyone again. They show up with NO TRIM. I called empire back and was told they were sorry the trim was not ordered and they would call me back...shocking no one called me back. So Monday June 13th I called back, now over a month since I paid in full as required...

I was told someone would be out Thursday June 16th. Guess what, NO ONE IS COMING TODAY. shocking....

do not so business with this company. Terrible experience!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Empire Today Cons: Sales person tactics, How our work order was not handled well, Manager was a sociopath, Lack monetary compensation.

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I will add that empire did not show up on Thursday as scheduled. I am now rescheduled for Wednesday the 22nd.

This will be 6 weeks from the day I was told to pay in full to have my floor complete.

That is if Emprie shows on the 22nd. Carey


Dear Carey,

We regret to hear that your installation was not completed as scheduled. We assure you that your concerns are important to us and we want to help make your Empire experience a better one.

We will be following up with you soon to discuss this matter.

Thank you.