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Dear Joyce,
We have read your review and are disappointed to hear about your experience. We understand that we have been in contact with you regarding this matter, and per your request your order has been cancelled. If you continue to have questions and/or concerns please contact us at
Thank you.
Midlothian, Virginia
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I have never had such a horrible experience. Salesperson that came out was fantastic.

Ensured me that Empire was the greatest thing and that any issues that needed to be addressed would be taken care of and that the installers cared about doing a good job and she even provided past experiences with other customers and that the owner was a good Christian man and cared about the quality of his product. Well let me tell you about my nightmare. Once I initially decided to go with Empire, the good vibe cooled off a bit when I had questions about the quote. I overlooked it because she worked from her car and had to travel different places.

Scheduled the appointment in which my son took off from work to help me in case something had to be lifted. Well, Empire called and said they needed to schedule because the truck had broken down. Lie #1; Well things happened and I said ok, because at that point I had no other choice and it would still give me a extra day that my son could help me. (I'm handicapped).

The installers arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon and told me they wouldn't be able to finish, plus they didn't have the piece of plywood need to fix the defect in the floor. Salesperson had said that if anything else would be needed they would simply run out and get it from home depot. So we rescheduled for the next working day which would be Monday. The person that did the rescheduling really didn't care what I did, I could take it or leave it.

So I rescheduled for Monday of the following week. You would think in order to reschedule you would have to look at a schedule so that you would not overbook in which she said she was checking and I also received a email confirming the new installation date. Well lo and behold I received a phone on the day of the new installation date, asking to reschedule because they didn't do installations on Monday. Lie #2, because when I talked to another person he said they do installations but they were probably overbooked.

AT this point I've had and cancelled the job. They offered a discount but it's not always about money. My house is in chaos because I moved everything out to prepare for the installation. THEY LIED because the installers even said there was nothing wrong with their truck.

Bad business. I do not fault the installers because they overbooked their jobs and they want to get off when its time for them to get off. There was a slight language barrier because they didn't understand what I was saying and I didn't always understand what they were saying but they expressed their sorrow for the delay. Mr.

Empire needs to get a handle on the management staff and their condescending customer service people, because their business can go down hill and he will wonder what happen. I had people waiting on me to tell them about my Empire experience and I can guarantee they will not go with them. The only thing is that their explanation for the cancellation will be that, we offered her and discount and she declined the offer.

As I said its not always about money, its fulfilling your promise as a business and providing good customer service. The one that doesn't care about if I accepted the new installation should get some customer service training or maybe do another job where she doesn't interact with people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, not telling the truth for the delay and not being able to do the job as promised..

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Empire Today Pros: Initial contact.

Empire Today Cons: Extremely poor customer service, Delays.

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Dear Joyce,

We have read your review and are disappointed to hear about your experience. We understand that we have been in contact with you regarding this matter and we'll continue to follow up until a solution is reached.

Thank you for your patience.