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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Days,
Our records show that we have been in contact with you regarding this matter and have been unable to reach you. Please email us at at your earliest convenience, and reference your post in your email.
Thank you.

Empire is the kind of company that will treat you great when you are buying their product, but when it comes to warrantee, they are atrocious. Approximately a year ago we called empire to install some flooring.

We having dogs, therefore we were hoping for a laminate or some kind of wood flooring. The sales person came and pitched us this dialogue; how wonderful their carpet is, that it would not hold any animal smells and that urine would not stick to the carpet, (due to this special material that the carpet is made of) our house would always smell fresh . A few days later, (The crew came and after multiple breaks finally finished), I felt that they did a very poor job on insulation especially on our steps with all of the time that they took. After a couple months our carpet smelled like a sewer, also showed signs of wear, even in portions of the house where the dogs never go.

We did everything that we could to immediately clean the smell which would be somewhat concealed for a day or 2 but then it would be right back. My wife even called empire to see what they suggested. They avoided her like the plague; every time she would call they would try to sell us more carpet, we stressed that we did not want more of this carpet, we want for Empire to stand by your word, and warrantee. My wife spent a whole day trying to speak to a representative about warrantee information.

The multiple reps who she spoke with barely spoke English and would not give her information about the warrantee department they just kept telling us that the only way to talk to someone was to make an appointment and have someone come out. We made an appointment. The man showed up expecting to sell us more carpet. We had even cleaned the carpet again the night before he had arrived, and he himself said that it really did smell bad.

He took a bunch of pictures of the things we were not satisfied with and said that he was going to email the pics to someone as soon as he got in his vehicle, that someone would get ahold of us in a couple days. A week went by and no call. therefore, we called them yet again, they tried to say that we had missed the appointment that we had set up.

We then asked if they would like to see the video of their representative in our home and then they got quiet, and passed the responsibility yet again. I guess my next call will be to the bbb and I will never send business to them they are a terrible company, that sells a product for far more than it is worth, by telling lies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Carpet Installation.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: take the price that we have paid for the salesman's lies and let us get what we were asking for in the first place..

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