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Benita, we’re very sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been experiencing with your product post-installation. It’s always our goal for our customers to be satisfied with their entire experience, and we’re disappointed that this is not the case. We’d like to work on a resolution with you, so a member of our customer service team will be reaching out to you soon to discuss this further. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Fort Worth, Texas

We bought laminated flooring for two rooms and a hallway from Empire about two years ago and we started having problems with it right away. The salesman told us that the flooring is very durable.

We noticed that the flooring is buckling, lifting and scratches in different spots in different rooms. Empire sent an Install Coordinator, an empire employee, out to inspect the problem areas earlier this month (Jan 12). Last week we received a call from a Consumer Service Rep and she stated that the Install Coordinator report said the buckling and lifting is a "Site Issue" and that Empire will not take responsibility for any of the damage areas. We received another call from the Consumer Service Rep again and she said that Empire would only fix the damage areas for only $450.00.

So my issues are basically we have flooring that we can't walk on it and put furniture on it.

I thought that Empire uses a 3rd party to inspect problems with flooring but the lady who came out was an Empire employee with Empire business card.

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