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Empire Today - Don't keep warranties, try to blame install issues on consumer because they no longer carry the carpet to "fix" the issues

Dear Julie,
We regret the events that occurred throughout your experience and understand that we have spoken to you in regards to your concerns. We will continue to investigate further.
Thank you for your patience.
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Several years ago we had laminate flooring put down in our modular home. Empire did it and everything was great.

We later had a water leak from our kitchen which caused damage, insurance covered it and we had the floor replaced with Empire as we had such a great first experience. Several years down the road (last year) we contacted Empire because we had some issues with buckling of the floor. After an inspection it was determined that one of our dogs was having bladder issues and we ended up having to put him down. With the inspection, it was deemed that the flooring was not covered under warranty due to the pet damage, although they could give us a "discount" on new flooring if we decided to go with Empire again.

The sales lady came out and after going through all of the options we decided to go with carpet, as we hope to build in the near future and didn't want to over spend when we may not have it that long. 5 months ago we had it installed with the promise that this is a high traffic carpet, that would not falter. We even had extra water resistant padding put in to keep a buffer from the sub floor since we aren't on a foundation. We were told that we would not have any issues.

The day of the install we did not pay as close attention as we should have as while I was taking our 2 dogs to my mother-in-laws house I was t-boned and my car was totaled as well as having to go to the hospital for myself and one of my dogs. Well, 5 months later we can see how bad the install was as the seam is showing in the middle of our living room and the carpet lifted (while I was vacuuming) from around our fireplace. I called Empire, they called me back 2 days later to try to schedule the repair team to come out the next week. After speaking with the associate for a few minutes and letting her know that the install team came and picked up the remnants the day after install she put me on hold.

The carpet that was installed 5 months earlier they no longer carried and did not have any more of. I told her that I didn't think it could be stretched far enough to reach the fireplace as it immediately started to fray after it came up. At that point she put me on hold and came back stating that they needed to have an inspector come out and see if it was repairable. I met the inspector yesterday, he said he was checking PH levels when he poured water onto the carpet.

I didn't question him when he pulled several different test strips out of his kit until he found the "right" one. He did that in both areas of the rug where it was lifting and where it was separating.

Today I get a phone call from Empire stating that they will not be fixing the carpet. That the carpet had issues due to "pet damage" and urine.

First of all the dog that had issues prior to this installation is no longer with us, both of the dogs we have now our outdoor dogs with the exception of at night. 2nd not only do they not have accidents, but we cover the carpet with puppy *** pads to ensure there are no issues. Before there was mention of no remnants to fix the carpet with they were calling to schedule repairs, after the mention of no remnants they changed their tune. We didn't have to continue with them for new carpet, but we chose to, due to our pleasant previous experiences.

That is NOT the case at this point. I asked to have this escalated to a supervisor, and was told that I would get the same response from them by Amy @ the local office. I told her that was fine, I wanted to have a record of elevation. If we need to, we will fight this tooth and nail, as we will not pay for a product that we are not satisfied with.

Very disappointed at this time.


Dear Customer,

We are disappointed to hear about your experience. We want to help, but are unable to locate your account with the information provided.

Please email your concerns along with your account information to customersupport@empire-today.com, and mention PC in the subject line.

Thank you.


Thank you for your response. I sent an email to the address you provided. Hopefully we can reach a solution.

Julie T


Received a call yesterday and we are working on a solution. I appreciate the willingness of empire to work to make this situation right.


Carpet is made in batches. When that lot is used up the carpet is GONE, therefore unavailable to do your repairs.

Pet urin voids warranties and your story doesn't add up. Your dogs are outside dogs but you live in the wettest climate in the USA. They don't urinate on the floor but you have puppy *** pads on the carpet.

Dogs are the worst thing you can do to a carpet and you're just trying to get something for free. Good luck with the fight!


Thank you for your input. Yes, we live in the wettest area.

We have covered areas for the dogs when they are outside. We put down *** pads to ensure there aren't any issues at night. After having to put one down last year (due to cancer) that we found out was having issues after it was too late...we are extra cautious. I think what is the most frustrating is the fact that they called to schedule repairs and then back pedaled after they found out we didn't have the remnants.

The whole tune changed when they realized it wasn't able to be stretched to fix either. Will update if we receive resolution.

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