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We regret to hear that your experience with us, was not what you expected. We take your concerns seriously, and will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your concerns.
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We ordered our flooring and when the first crew came they said that it was the wrong product as our floor was unleveled and told us to order a different product. The salesman had not brought a level was what we were informed and not his fault.

The salesman comes back and brings new samples and never checks the floor in other areas, and when the new crew comes, scheduled for first thing in the morning, arrives at 1 pm, my husband and I both took off, this crew states the same thing. We moved all of our cabinets and the contents of them upstairs and lived like that for 2 weeks. We are in our 60's. No apology from any of them.

Why didn't the salesman investigate the whole floor ahead of time. Shouldn't they be trained. And the installers coming at 1pm to start a basement job. They said the floor would take weeks as they would have to level parts of the basement.

Two different crews, 2 different opinions. Just such a depressing outcome, and feel like who do you trust if you can't trust a big company. We had hired a person who owned their own company and they went MIA before this.

Just really feel so very let down. They had even promised certain workers to us and kept changing them which was okay, but noone had the same opinion about what to do.

User's recommendation: Find someone else.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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