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William, I truly apologize for what happened. It’s always our goal to make the home improvement process as easy and convenient as possible for our customers and I’m disappointed to hear that this wasn’t the case. I understand a member of our team spoke with you today and that you were able to reach a satisfying resolution together. If you have any further questions or concerns, I’m always here to help. Please feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Yonkers, New York

Update by user Jun 30, 2011

The matter has been resolved.

Original review posted by user Jun 29, 2011

I re-drove back to Pittsburgh from New York after being informed by my regional customer representative that my damaged carpet for porch steps was in. New installers arrived in an unmarked truck. I pointed out the risers of the steps not holding to the cement and the overhangs from the porch also not holding. I was immediately informed they were not going to fix the overhang problem. I had to call the customer service representatives and he hemmed and hawed. I explained this was not my mistake but Empire's for hiring incompetent installers. The men fixed the overhang at great protest and re-installed carpet on the steps. The job is now completed. The regional customer sales rep has still not called me two days after the job was complete to see if I am happy with the work.

It has cost me over $200 in gas, tolls, and food since this mis-managed

job began. I explained this to the customer service representative and there was a big silence at his end. I see all the complaints on this site have had responses from Empire Today - We Care, We want you to be happy, We are proud of our reputation. Platitudes that do not resolve problems but give the appearance that they are a caring company. Bottom line if Empire cared they would reimburse me for my expenses due to their incompetence. I urge all customers to get cards from the salesmen; license numbers and names of installers before they begin their work. To date I have no last name of the so called "caring" regional customer representative and no where on the paper work that I signed do I see that Empire subcontracts and no names to call. The system works by you calling an 800 number to Chicago. Chicago redirects to local market; you get call and/or email as to installation time.

Empire cares but does not do the work until they are paid up front. Buyer beware.

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