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Regina, I apologize that the product you selected didn’t meet your expectations. I’ve been able to pull up your account and it’s my understanding that we’ve offered to work with you on a resolution. As a company, we are committed to ethical business practices. We want you to be happy with the product that is installed in your home and we’ll work with customers that experience concerns as customer satisfaction is our number one goal. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email me at
Baltimore, Maryland

Empire Today is represented by unlicensed salesman and installers with dire consequences for the consumer when they are subject to crime. Unwilling to produce correct, names, phone numbers or addresses to homeowner and unable to provide law enforcement with that information. BBB complaint is rejected due to police involvement, which in turn exonerated company from responding to entire complaint. It is impossible for the consumer to obtain information regarding the number of complaints rejected by BBB due to police involvement.

3 invoice items were inferior products, example particle board faced with formica as opposed to solid wood. Rather than apologise for a mistake Empire Today badgered and used high pressure tactics for me to accept for the same price. I did not. This conduct can only be described as bait and switch.

The installers did not comply with industry standards, carpet is stretched, cut and tacked. No stretcher on sight and rudimentary tools of trade found on every available You Tube video non existent. Empire Todays head installer claims only carpet over 30 feet is stretched.

This is 2011 and the method in which companies conduct business has changed greatly. Subcontracting has become the norm and lucrative practice within industries. No one would solicit random people, return home and allow them access to their home or their neighbors homes, expose them to vulnerability in order to do odd jobs, Empire Today subjected me to this practice. This is beginning to leave vast amounts of consumers placed in the very position I have found myself in. Should a company subcontract, it should be mandatory for them to provide the name, license number of the subcontractor at the time the contract is signed. This would allow the consumer 3 days to check complaints against subcontractor and void the contract.


Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Installation.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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My future policy is to write on invoice that any individual arriving to do work will be asked for drivers license or ID if not produced the contract is void. Should anyone balk at the request will call company and void the contract at that time.

I intend to take tag numbers off all vehicles at job site. It's insane to think we are subject to companies such as Empire Today, due to cost cutting and carelessness to letting individuals with no background checks, many times unlicensed into our homes.

Good luck towards your resolution and thank you for the comment. rhdelp


Very informative posting. I had to sign multiple papers and pay for the job upfront.

No mention was ever made of subcontractors. When I had an outdoor carpet installed, the workmen (in an unmarked truck) botched the job. I made numerous calls to the 800 number and posted complaints on line (Customer Service). To date the only contact I have had is from the regional representative.

I had to drive to and from New York to Pittsburgh twice and still awaiting the successful completion of the job. Thanks for the information.