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Dear Pamela,

Our customers are our number one priority, and we believe that the best way to built trust is through integrity. From pre to post installation, we work with our customers until their concerns are addressed.

We regret to hear that your experience did not meet your expectations, and understand that your order was cancelled per your request. If you continue to have questions and/or concerns please contact us at

Thank you,
-ET Customer Support.
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So a sales rep came to my home. She seemed honest and convincing.

I had already called in a coupon code of $350 before the sales rep ever came to my home and she offered another for $250 for keeping a sign in my yard for two weeks. $600 total. Neither were honored and of course you dont see a break down of prices. Thats not available at all.

I was totally embarrassed when others told me how I was over quoted (almost double) and there is no way that the $600 off was was added. I called empire today and sure enough no codes were added even though they too could not offer a break down. I had paid $775 by debit card and the sales rep at my home added to the contract it was financed. I did not sign that.

To think a company would add your signature or change documents knowing that is both morally incorrect and illegal, totally blows my mind. I called to cancel and even though the website says 24/7 the cancellation department was closed. One rep transferred me there. I was on hold for 50 minutes before calling back and the other rep saying they were closed.

She also said it had been cancelled but upon reading other things in the contract, that I did not agree to, I must send this to their company to cancel. I will have to over night it which will probably cost me $30 at least and who knows how long before I get my money back or if they try to scam me once more. Now I cant even use the money to purchase a floor which is what I needed to do.

Ive requested calls back and sent a text to the sales rep that came to my home and no responses yet and probably wont get any. Totally upset, totally scammed and just a total disappointment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $805.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Empire Today Cons: Person handling complaint will call in 1-3 days, Poor follow up, No breakdown on prices so you are not aware you were scammed.

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