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Lafayette Township, New Jersey
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We are dealing with very similar issue. I wish I had been there when the sales (***) man arrived.

My son explained that he called about the half off on floor and installation promotion. Wanted to pay no more than $2.00 sq/ft for laminate ( figured he would get a $4.00 sq/ft product due to the promotion. While he should have paid more attention to the final number he was preoccupied with his infant son and his dog and the *** man kept telling him about the great floor he was giving him and that he would "take care if him" - he took care of him alright - nothing but a scammer. Luckily the installation was completely *** so my son contacted me after trying to get someone to help help at Empire.

Did I mention that the contract was written up without any price break down on Wednesday and first thing Thursday morning guys came to install. If anyone ever feels the need to use these liars insist on getting a complete break down of costs and compare against the same flooring at other reputable flooring companies. Don't make make the mistake of allowing them to rush you through and push low grade laminates on you - especially not at pricing for solid wood fully finished thick flooring! We are hoping to get the two small rooms of flooring removed but though promised a call back by yesterday have not yet received a call today and it is now 3:50.

They close at 5. Bottom line - there are much better places to purchase flooring.

Use your local flooring people - people that have a good reputation in your area. Not this scam outfit!

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Empire Today Cons: Sales person tactics, Way the installation went and the end product, Horrible customer service.

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Please send the contact information associated with the account to This is not the experience we expect for our customers, and we would like to know more about the situation so that we can help make things right. Thank you.

to ETCustomerSupport #1132177

JOSH FLORES PH: 973-896-3762

He goes in to work at 11:00 am so please call earlier. This entire experience has been so awful.

We just want the floor removed and our money refunded. Everything about this transaction was dishonest. The floor is not the high quality, water resistant laminate as misrepresented by the salesman. We don't want a replacement from Empire unless we do it through corporate and we get a complete breakdown of pricing - we expected a true 50% off price for flooring & installation as listed in the TV commercial.

This floor and installation cost double what the regular price should be as compared against several other flooring stores and is 4X what the cost should have been if truly at 50% off.

We are really getting a run around still - it has been weeks now since the installation & our first calls - we are now up to about 16 between my son & I to Empire. I am the co-owner of the townhouse - Mary Hyde PH: 973-459-8903

to Anonymous #1133820

Today is March 25th. This bad flooring installation was March 4th.

We are still trying to get resolution and get this low grade flooring removed. All furniture is still out of these two rooms and I am sleeping downstairs on the sofa because I am too afraid to put my bed back in the bedroom on top of this low grade floor because the way things have been going I can just see Empire saying the floor is now damaged due to the moving the bed in and because of that will not help us. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!! We have made over 18 phone calls to the store, the installation manager, the head of installations / operations, the salesman, corporate, etc.

FYI to anyone reading this. The flooring we were told was good water resistant laminate is a Mohawk product - FULL PRICE at other stores is $2.49 FT (one offers a lower price of $1.68 FT but there may be minimums and for that reason I am not listing this as the price). All places I contacted do installation between $1.99 or $2.00 with only one at $2.50 sq/ft. (Lowes even has a promotion of only $.89 sq/ft for installation with certain flooring).

Using the FULL PRICE of $2.49 sq/ft + $2.00 sq/ft + $.50? sq/ft for padding which is nothing more than thin paper x 443 sq/ft = $2210.57 - WE WERE CHARGED $4027.00!!!- now if Empire is really offering 50% off flooring & installation (Which I now believe is an outright lie!) the total cost should have been only $1105.29. However, this is not even the quality of floor we identified as the type we required. The salesman lied.

We should have done better research and paid more attention but were rushed through by a salesman who really conned us. Nothing about what he said was true. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID!!!

Go to an honest, reputable company that will give you a complete breakdown of pricing and will not rush you through and set up immediate installation before you have a chance to review. We made a huge mistake with this outfit - don't make the same mistake.