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We are disappointed to hear that you feel this way. If you continue to have questions and/or concerns about your previous role with our company please ask to speak to a human resources associate at 800-588-2300.
Thank you.
Tucson, Arizona

I used to be a sales-person for these jokers!

Expect hard sell all the way and they will try their best to convince you they are the best and most reliable, but they are most definitely not!!!!

Very limited stock, colors etc. They pretty much use the same installers that other companies use and sell the same products that others use, but will try to convince you it is superior stuff - it ain't!

Their pricing for hardwood and laminate flooring is an absolute disgrace. They use the Quick-Step brand which is an excellent quality product but available elsewhere for a fraction of the price! You will literally fall off your chair when you hear the initial price and forget about all that 60% off or two rooms free ***. Trust me, it's all just sales BS to get in the door!! It's incredible how much that cost can drop when you start to say no and show no interest and when the old "This product might be on special. Let me call my sales manager and see what we can do" games start!!!

Oh yes, and the special discount for next day install? Well sure they want that and will really push you for it as it gives you no time to change your mind or go shopping to see just how over-priced they are! Once it's installed, they've got your money right?

Take it from an ex-employee, play it safe and just go to Lowes or Home Depot. You'll be less pressured, get more choice and save yourself a whole load of heartache!

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your seriously sad and obviously can't sell . I been with Empire for over 5 years and very successful no one can do what we do our prices are a fraction of the competition if you shop apples to apples.

Our customer service is amazing they basically give the customer anything they want to make them happy.

I am sorry for your situation and that your not much of a salesperson but to go public and tell lies because your upset is really no excuse. Go over to speedway or CVS and see if they need stock help it sounds like your more qualified for that job.


Thank you for this review, I was considering since a relative now works for them! Will take my money elsewhere!!