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I've read your comments and recent post; I would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your concerns with the laminate. As a member of the Customer Service Management Team, it is important for me to assist in understanding your concerns and but also work with you on a resolution. If there are concerns that are brought to our attention, we sometimes will bring an outside certified inspection company in to review the area (s) in question. Once that visit and results are completed and depending on the outcome of the results, we can determine if it was a service or product related incident. If this is identified, Empire will address and fix the concern. Sometimes, however, issues arise that aren't related to our product or service. If that occurs, we will review the information with the customers and sometimes discuss options for assisting in fixing the concern. If possible, would you be able to contact me at your earliest convenience, I can be reached at or via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager.
Madison, Tennessee
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In May 2008 we purchased laminate flooring from Empire. Initially, they quoted over $6600 (soemthing like $130+ a case)for about 700 sq ft.

We told them no. We got a quote from HomeDepot that was half that. When Empire called back we told them that we had found a better price. They came down to less than half.

Well *** us when ahead and had the floors in the dining, kitchen hall and living room done. It looked horrible. There was a transition board (sameIf y flooring) from kitchen to living room and dining room. I called Empire and told them I could not live with it.

ou have the same flooring, you want it to flow together and not be pieced together, it looked tacky. They said it was because, they do nor remove the exisiting flooring in the kitchen, so the floor is higher, hence the transtition boards. I insisted it did not look right and wanted another type of flooring. I told them I wanted to tile type flooring in the kitchen, so if there must be a transition board, to would not look as bad.

Well, the woman who scheduled the servicees said that they would do it, but they would not lifetime warranty the new flooring. I agreed. Not a problem. The new crew (subcontractors) was excellent, they took up the old flooring to the point that everything was even.

It looked great. Now a year later, we began to notice separation in the seams in the dining room, rised areas at the edges of seams in various places, in doorways, in front of the fireplace, etc. We call (on this lifetime warranty) they send out an "independent contractor" as he explained. He when throughout the house taking pictures and writing.

We get the report by email about two weeks later. It said the boards need to be replaced, at the customer's expense. He stated damange such as raises on both sides of the boards is due to having too much mositure on the floor, possibily by placing water glasses on the floor or letting water stand while mopping the floor. None of the boards are damaged on both sides, it's only on one side of many.

Neither do we use our floor as a table, nor do we use a sopping wet mop to clean the floors. What casued the boards to separate? That was not addressed. We use the recommended cleaning products.

This is there way of not adhearing to the lifetime warranty.

Never, would I recommend Empire to anyone. I will discourage them instead.

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To this day we have not had a resolution. We were contacted by the what I assume is the home office.

We were instructed to contact the local office that did the work. Well we did and were told that we would have to pay an engineer or someone who works for the manufacturer to look at the floors. The floors are not the quality that they are suppose to be, this is why so much is happening to them. It the old bait and switch.

Empire is a sorry excuse for a business. Please did not purchase anything from them...