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we regret the delay in the refund for your cancelled order, as we never want our customers to be inconvenienced. We understand that your refund check has been mailed and that we reached out to you to advise you of this. If you have any additional questions, please call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email

Thank you.
Rebekah Clerk,
National Customer Service Manager
Marietta, Georgia

My husband and I just moved into a house and we ordered carpet through empire, almost $6,000 worth. We wrote a check on November 2nd and called 30 minutes after the sales person left to cancel the order.

She hadn't deposited the check but said she still has to turn it in, completely understandable. Well 15 days later the check was cashed!! Almost $6,000 withdrew from our account. We called to speak to their customer service and they agreed that it was weird that the check was deposited 2 weeks after being a cancelled order (especially since it was cancelled within 30 minutes of placing order) he said we should receive the refund check in approximately 3 days since it had been cancelled for so long.

When we did not receive that refund that week we called back. The person on the phone said he would put a "hot priority" on getting the refund check in the mail and that we should receive it within a couple days. Well ONCE AGAIN we did not receive it and ONCE AGAIN we called back to check the status. After speaking to 3 people we were transferred to the corporate office where they saw that it WAS NOT mailed off yet!!

He said he would "hot priority" it and we should receive it very soon. Called 2 days ago and it has STILL NOT BEEN SENT!! We will be calling back to check the status once again but it has been over a month and still no $6,000 check has been sent!!

I HIGHLY recommend choosing another flooring company due to the way they treat their customers and their lack of respect for your hard earned money and their lack of organization, timeliness and customer service. I will make sure to let everyone I know, and everyone online to STAY AWAY FROM EMPIRE!!

  • sales person
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