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I have read your comments and recent post. To clarify, Empire Today does not have retail stores and we are a shop-at-home company. It seems as though you may potentially be confusing us with another company that has brick and mortar stores. Empire Today brings samples your home so you can avoid the hassle of driving all over town shopping for area rugs. If I can be of any assistance please contact me directly at or via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Charlotte, North Carolina

My wife and I were just going out to buy a rug from Empire when we ran across this site trying to get an address to the closest store. After reading each complaint, there is no way we're going to Empire.

Thanks to all who took the time to share their experience and warn others of the dangers ahead. I would have to say we were shocked to read the types of wrong doings that were going on and truely sorry that each of you had to suffer with an experience of a truely poor, cheap, and unprofessional company.

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