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Feedback is a vital part of ensuring we are providing the service levels that our customers are expecting. I can assure you that we read all the information that is posted or sent to us, if needed and if we have the information either from the customer or on file, we will follow back with each and every customer to resolve any concerns that they may have about our products and service. Customer satisfaction is and will always be extremely important to us. Marlo Michalek, Vice President of Marketing Communications.
San Francisco, California

I have been reading the reviews of Empire Today. Many of the people complaining seem to be their own worst enemies.

They cannot even spell or use proper English when complaining. This makes it very difficult to take their complaints seriously.

They complain after the fact, rather than taking assertive action and learning the correct way to complain. Learn to negotiate.Give your opponents something to use to accede to your wishes.Don't be shy about going up the chain of command to complain.

I have a feeling that at least 50% of the complaints are overblown, or could have been ameliorated with the proper communication.

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