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Empire Today, LLC (“Empire”) regrets any inconvenience to Ms. Kattenhorn and has, accordingly, attempted in good faith to fully resolve Ms. Kattenhorn’s concerns; however, Ms. Kattenhorn has rejected several of our offers to resolve her concerns, and we continue to wait for Ms. Kattenhorn to provide certain information required to resolve this matter. Nonetheless, Empire remains willing to amicably resolve this matter with Ms. Katthenhorn.
Ridgecrest, California

I am dismayed that Empire Today has so many complaints on this site, yet they keep saying they are sorry and working on resolving the issues. I have complied with all their requests, yet nothing has been resolved.

My attorney has contacted their attorney, and they still will not agree to do what is the right thing to do. I also have contacted the California State Contractors Licensing Board (CSLB) and the bonding company that insures Empire Today here in California. Investigations are being conducted, and a field representative from CSLB will be coming to my home to see the "result" Empire Today caused. Ms.

Woods' idea of making things right was to try and pressure me into allowing them to come back into my home and install yet another floor, and then offered a stipend of a couple hundred dollars for all the inconveniences they caused. No mention of taking responsibility for the damages they caused or making restitution for them. Now there are attorneys involved, and still nothing has been resolved. Empire Today needs to really examine their policies and who they hire to represent the company.

So far, just lip service as to their desire to resolve the issues. Will keep you posted.

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