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Dear Rick,
We regret your experience, but understand that we have spoken to you in regards to your product concerns. For future questions or inquires please contact with your concerns and account information.
Thank you.
Winchester, California

An Empire salesman shows up today, I tell him upfront that I'm only interested in 6.6 nylon carpets. He goes out to his car and brings back just one (1) nylon sample to pick from.

When I appear displeased to have only one selection to look at he then tries to sell me on polyester fiber.

I ask him for the specs on the one sample he did bring, when I asked him what the carpet's "density" is, he has no idea what I'm talking about. He calls his supervisor and she has no idea what the term "carpet density" is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poorly trained Salesman.

Preferred solution: Just to inform Corporate.

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Dear Customer,

We are saddened to hear that your sales experience was not a positive one. We want to learn more, but unfortunately are unable to verify your customer information.

Please email both your account and contact information to for further assistance, and please mention PC in the subject line.

Thank you.


Apparently they did find my contact info, spoke with Empire today, told Rep that both the Salesman and Supv had no idea what "carpet density" was. Didn't bother to mention just the one sample to pick from. No apology or suggestions, pleasant "thank you" and that was the extent of the call.