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I've read your comments and recent post; I would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience with the performance of the laminate flooring. As a member of the Customer Service Management Team, it is important for me to assist in understanding your concerns and but also work with you on a resolution. Empire works with leading manufacturers and carries a wide assortment of products and styles to meet the needs of our customers' lifestyles. We will work with each customer during their in-home appointment to select the right products to meet their needs. All our products are backed by manufacturer product and installation warranties. If there are any issues that arise with the quality of the product or service of the installation, we will work with the customer on identifying the concern and assisting in providing a resolution and potentially hire an outside company to perform an inspection of the flooring. If possible, would you be able to contact me at your earliest convenience, I can be reached at or via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My husband and I have been misled by Empire in every aspect of the way. We were given three different prices for the cost of wood laminate flooring for our kitchen, family room, laundry room and powder room.

The cost started out as 8,000.00, went down to 5,500.00 and then another jump up to 6,000.00. Salesmen never told my husband and me that water could never be used to clean the floor, but gave us a huge sales pitch on how the flooring was tested in laboratories and could have water sitting in one area for five days before any signs of visible damage. It was only after our floor was installed and the installers were leaving, that I was told that under no circumstances was I to use water on this floor. Then why the huge sales pitch on the flooring being able to withstand water?!?!

Not to mention the installers left with ten boxes of flooring that we are most certainly sure we paid for. When questioned by my husband, they said that they carry extra with them. However, the story told by Customer Service when my husband called was not the same. He was told they had another job.

After two months time, the floor has started to bubble and peel.

We noticed it in front of the sliding doors, in front of the sink and dishwasher, and in front of the refrigerator where areas get splashed with water. We were told that these floor boards have a wax coating to protect them from water damage, but when checked by someone we know who sales floors, we were told that there is no wax on the edges of the flooring.

We have phoned the Empire headquarters several times to get some kind of resolution; they have been terrible in returning calls and now are not returning any of our calls. The last time we spoke, they wanted to charge us eight thousand dollars to come out and replace the flooring with tile.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Empire Today has the worst Customer Service I have ever seen and they have NO INFORMATION! They are pretty much call takers with no information!!!

Thank you everyone who has posted comments and shared your situation with Empire. I was looking into getting carpet in two rooms and hardwood floor in the rest of my home by Empire.

Hearing your comments really made me change my mind about this company.

Good thing the sales rep couldn't find parking in my neck of the woods. :)
I just had awesome carpet installed from Empire. Honestly this was the fastest service I have ever had.

The represenative was very nice and the buy one room and get two free? Well that was a good deal where I was. I had my whole house 1500sqft redone for under 3K with the higher end fris carpet. And next day removed all the old carpet replaced it within 3 hours.

moved all my stuff without any issues. And everyone should know wood warps/swells when water sits to long on it. Their website has very handy information about HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR FLOORS. Read before you complain of your stupidity.

Also one more note to let you know how fast they took care of a mistake, next day, 10 minutes done. This company installed gold strips instead of nickle. I called and they were out the next day to change it out. No hassel no questions.

I would recommend Empire to anyone. And of course everyone should shop around.

I did and Empire saved me time and money. 8)

My husband and I spoke with Customer Service and worked our way up to the highter end of your business. You can sugar coat it with kind words as though you are willing to help us out to make youself look good to the public eye, but you were not willing to help in any aspect.

Our $6,000.00 wood laminate floor is of very cheap quality. You said it could withstand every day use and in every area that is exposed to water including the sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, powder room sink and toilet, the floor is swelling. You focused the blame back on us, the consumer, as if it were our fault, because you said, "the swelling is due to site related issues". Well, is it our fault that you would sell a product that is intolerant to water in a kitchen, laundry room and powder room?

How do you figure that those areas mentioned are not going to receive some exposure to water? You also told us that the floor could stand up to our two greyhound dogs, and we have several claw marks on our floor.

The floor chips easliy and there is cracking near our sliding glass doors off from the kitchen where we and and dogs come in and out of the snow. If you are truly willing to resolve this issue, please refund us our money!!!!

Crosslake, Minnesota, United States #121928

Thank you for bringing your carpet experience to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience, and our customer service team would like to work with you to explore a resolution. Please contact us at 800-588-2300 so we can assist you


DO NOT BUY FROM EMPIRE!! They will rip you off.

Ive seen it first hand... There sales that they run on advertisements mean *** (ex.60% OFF, buy 1 get 2 free...) if you are wise you will get several quotes. Most likely you will find a great carpet for a great price through your local mom and pop shop. EMPIRE products are Sh**.

and they have a poor selection. GO TO A SHOW ROOM FOR FLOORs at a mom and pop shop. Much better selection...

-AND DO NOT WORK FOR THEM!! BE prepared to be on call every day from 9am to 9pm.

working strange hours.Having a car PACKED with flooring samples all the time. You have to sell every deal the first time you are in the home otherwise its a 90% chance they wont go with empire because there so expensive. they are very cut throat too and will burn a contractor/sales rep if they have too. for example...

If you sell a floor and its for 5k. and your customer can only come up with 2k to give to empire... They come after YOU(the salesman/contractor) for the remaining balance due. And expect you to keep working for them.

did i mention its commission only? if you don't sell you make nothing. that's right, NOTHING! No benefits.

Its only a good job if you are a good lire and have that used car salesmen act going on. Im honest and that's why I could not stay with the company and decided to tell the truth to YOU the consumer.SPEAK OUT FOR WHAT IS RITE!

I hope you have read this and please write what you think or ask questions if you are even considering working for them. Thanks


can empire e-mail me wiyh different types of wood &tile flooring available&cost per sq footage ,warraanties &product color &quality&no cheap compressed recycled product ,i want &need the real wood ,hand sraped ,french provintional &strong durable,even teak or cherry wood ,no garbage,please dont forget warranty info And, update remember it is a tough economy,&lumber liquidators is still in buisness,so lets be honest fare truthful god is watching &money is evil sodont let the devil get in the way of us developing a buisness relationship ,the b.b.b.&consumers affairs &chambers of commerce does excist !so lets try to negotiate&meet my needs !thanks in advance! p.s. my e-mail is


Yes we contacted Empires customer service department all the way to the main office in Chicago. They will not back the product they sell or the warranty.

They claim the water on the floor was abnormal. We have six kids and two dogs; the floor is going to get wet!

We were also told that they are not responsible for what their sales representatives tell customers.

The BBB and the Attorney Generals offices have been contacted.


first of all....why would you believe a sales pitch like that? what other stuff do you believe?

if he told you that floor would sustain a meteorite would you believe it?

probably!....anyways its most likely you bought laminate do have a 25 yr warranty BUT you also have a 1 yr warranty with Empire Today. Soooooo with that in mind...i would suggest calling the 1-800-588-2300 and request to speak to a supervisor regarding your flooring issue and then when the supervisor gets on the line, tell him/her that you will be contacting the BBB due to the fact they are not complying with their service guarantee, they will then leave a voicemail for the Office of the President and will tell you they will contact you within 24 hours....when they do....tell them you havent gone to the BBB but if they dont comply that you will asap....then and ONLY then will Empire's knees buckle.....hope this helped!


They have this promotion going on now that you buy flooring for 1 room get 2 free. What a joke.

I am so tired of these companies taking advantage of consumers. I would not give up on your concern. These companies always get away with this kind of bull. You should send a copy to the Consumer Affairs Program.

I did for one of my situations and it was completely taken care of for free. You need to send this to their Corporate Headquarters and on your email CC Consumer Affairs.

They respond in fact they published my complaint on their web site. Good luck.


The Expert was a friend of a friend who we didn't know till after the floor was installed.

We did ask about the waranty it is a 25 year waranty that didn't cover water on teh floor!!


Try asking Them about waranty on the flooring? If it was pergo In most cases they will replace the flooring for free the first time.Not so sure about other brands.And if it is over concrete I dont advise you to use the same laminite flooring it holds moister which creates bubbling,If you continue to use the laminate flooring only use qualified laminate flooring cleaners. Good Luck.


question, why didnt u buy from this so called expert friend who knows flooring and why didnt you consult him on this floor before having it installed must not be the kind of friend you think he/she is