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Dear Thomas,
We’re committed to consistently providing our customers with the best quality service nationwide. From pre to post installation we work with our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

We regret to hear that your carpet is not meeting your expectations, and assure you that we take your concerns seriously. We’ve located your order, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to continue working on a resolution.
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-ET Customer Support

We had a berber carpet installed throughout our entire downstairs a little over a year ago. Immediately following the installation, I noticed a section in the hall that looked as though the padding was missing. I also noticed that the carpet looked loose in a few different areas. I called Empire's customer service to get the matter fixed. They sent someone out and we were told that the padding folded over when installing the carpet, and that they reinstalled the missing padding.

A few months later, the loose sections of the carpet started to show signs of buckling and I called Empire again. Again, they sent someone out who had to restretch the carpet in one area of the room. In doing so, they also noticed that the original tack strips were not properly installed, and had to repair the tack strips.

After another couple of months I noticed the carpet showing signs of buckling in other parts of the room and also another section that looked like the padding had flattened out. I called and Empire then sent an inspector to my home. The inspector took pics and confirmed that the carpet was poorly installed. I called again after there was no follow up and was told that I needed to provide more specific information about the needed repairs. I noted that I thought that was the purpose of sending an inspector; to get specific information about the needed repairs. We eventually agreed to another date when someone would come to fix the carpet. I took a day off from work only to have no one show up. They did call later in the afternoon to let me know they would have to reschedule.

Long story short, the carpet was poorly installed from the very beginning and has been causing ongoing issues since. Although Empire seems willing to continue to return to "fix" the problem, the problem is ongoing and continues to cause me to take time off from work and be inconvenienced. At some point, they tried to blame it on the fact that it is a berber carpet (which was recommended by their salesperson), when, in fact, it was and continues to be the result of a very poor installation process. I continue to signs of buckling and still have no end to the fixes in sight.

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