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we understand that we have been in contact with your husband in regards to this issue and that we are currently working towards a resolution. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or

Thank you.
Rebekah Clerk,
National Customer Service Manager
West Palm Beach, Florida

I have had my NOT SO GREAT EMPIRE TODAY CARPET for less then a year. At every seam there is split-age, not to mention huge pulls which leave the carpet permanently damaged and unfixable.

When I went to the rep he passed me along to customer service. After several phone calls, much to which I was the one following up I am no where. This was not only the worst purchase I have ever made it is by far the biggest disappointment. The builders grade carpet which we replaced wass in better shape by far then this one less than a year old.I have a BAD product and the only thing I got was buy an upgrade.

Wow, thanks for selling me *** and not standing behind it.

Well, I vacuumed again today as I normally do twice or more a week and guess what more pulls along each seam and in every corner or edge! Never thought I was not able to walk in shoes (of any kind), vacuum it or place movable furniture on CARPET. Yes Carpet that is supposed to be durable.

Well this one is not.

We just want the company in which we paid good money to stand behind the product they sell. At this time they are not, they have offered us a upgraded carpet at additional cost to us (total cost out of our own pocket will the be close to $4500.

for 3 small bedrooms, hallway and stairs). What company tells their client that defective product it their fault and asks the client to pay for it?

Monetary Loss: $3445.

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