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Dear Rebecca,
We never want any of our customers to feel this way and we assure you that we value both yours and your mother's business and time. We sincerely regret that the level of service you received did not meet your expectations. If you continue to have questions or concerns, please contact us at customersupport@empiretoday.com.
Thank you.
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Absolutely worst experience ever! My mother purchased carpet from them and vinyl for installation. She is working on listing her home for sale. She spent a good deal of money with them. They canceled on the carpet install, after she'd taken the day to deal with it, because the truck broke down. Rescheduled for the next week, pushing back the listing of her home. Only they no showed. I cannot even believe how my mom was treated by these people.

She made about 17 calls yesterday, which led her to Dayton, where she was offered 50 bucks for her inconvenience (LOL!) and an endless round of waiting for customer service at the 800 number. She was told about 3 by customer service that the installers had until 6 to show up and to call them back at 6 if they didn't make it. I heard from my mom about 6 times yesterday. Went to her place at 6 to take this fiasco over. OF COURSE, the local office is closed at 6. Nothing we can do for you ma'm, so sorry. I asked for a supervisor. I was given Saul, the floor supervisor at the Texas Call Center. Saul was empowered to do absolutely nothing. Ensured me that he was doing everything in his power to satisfy us, but see sentence above. I asked for Saul's supervisor, but was informed that Saul is the highest level official at Empire!!!! Saul the floor supervisor of the call center... is the end and be all at Empire. WOW! I work for a tiny little healthcare system and we have a huge leadership structure and a board. Apparently Empire doesn't need those kind of things. Based upon the treatment of my mother, it certainly appears likely.

There is no way to reach anyone ever to assist you. I finally tracked down the guy who sold all this to my mother, who assured me that he was unable to reach a person either. He said he'd made lots of inquiries on my mom's behalf and received emails from corporate telling him THEY COULDN"T REACH THE COLUMBUS OFFICE EITHER. Wtf? LOL! According to Ed, he had 7 customers complain about their treatment and was concerned about how he was going to support his family when those customers canceled their orders and he lost the commission.

I'm certain this will be deleted within seconds of posting, but feel as though I've been left no options but this for complaint. I will post at every single social media option available to me. I would like my mom treated with the respect and kindness that Saul, the sole owner, proprietor and accountable executive of Empire, would want his mom treated with.