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Empire Today in Cleveland, Ohio - Never Again

Dear Customer, We are disappointed to hear about your dissatisfaction. We would like to learn more, but unfortunately we are unable to verify your customer information. Please contact for further assistance.
Thank you
-ET Customer Support
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Empire Today Flooring Installation
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Poor customer service
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1. Empire is a temp agency for contractors

2. Empire is overpriced $10,000 for 250sqft half laminate, half carpet

3. Claim to drug test and background check contractors. False

On Monday May 9, 2016 I was scheduled to have laminate and carpet installed. Well the contractors was a no call, no show. I called to cancel my services and empire tried to imply that it was my fault because I was suppose to call the contractor to make sure of the time they were getting started and the time that they were going to finish. 2 problem with that, I don't have the contractor's phone number and I'm to consumer they should be calling me. They gave me $2,000 of my project, but that came with a price. Contractor comes over the next day work for an hour then tells me he has a job to do but he can have his cousin who is out of work and has a little experience laying floor finish the job. Wait if your cousin is out of work and has little experience, how does he work for a company that does drug and background checks? This is where it gets good. Next day flooring company come back finish job, carpet people come to do their job. carpet people notice that the transistors are missing. Laminate people say carpet people are suppose to put transistors down. Carpet people say no, transistors are suppose to match the laminate floor to separate laminate from carpet. Now I for sure know that the laminate contractor has little experience. Now we have to wait for empire to order transistors. Get a contractor to put them down, then call the carpet company to come back and stretch carpet. Word of advice. Dealing directly with contractor and getting your own supplies or through contractor is thousands of dollars cheaper and less of a headache. Also It is good to have direct communication with contractor and not a third party

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Empire Today in Pataskala, Ohio - So upset

Dear Mr. Lahmann,
Your satisfaction is important to us, and we understand that we have completed a replacement for you. For future concerns please contact us at
Thank you.
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Empire Today Flooring Installation
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Customer Service is horrible!!!

Of course the sales rep was on his game when selling us product - since then nothing but issues. Installers were late, not enough material was delivered, therefore, installation was delayed a day, clean up was not acceptable, trying to get them back to do a warranty repair was a nightmare, get the run-around, sit on the phone on hold for long periods of time (20-30 min or more), sit and wait on them to show-up and then when calling them are told we aren't down on the schedule.

I would NEVER recommend Empire to anyone - this entire experience has been nothing but a headache and the company does not take follow thru on anything.

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