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I apologize for the delay. Empire does offer financing programs and we’d like to help you more but can’t find your information in our system. If you send us your contact information we can look up your account and check on the status of your application for you. You can email your information to or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195 and we’ll follow back with you shortly. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Lacey, Washington

We had just bought a new house and had Empire Today come in to give us an estimate. We were happy with the quote and decided to purchase through their financing program.

We were approved and the sales person said they will install the next week.

The finance company called and needed some pay stubs, I emailed everything to them immediately.

After everything was in order I was told that someone would come by to have us sign the last of the paperwork. Nobody showed up. The next day they told me the same and nobody ever came. Eventually they told me that someone had made a mistake when putting in our finances and they needed to straighten that out. I was still pretty calm. When that was resolved, I waited for a call from the finance person, I waited 5 days and left a few messages and nobody called me back.

When I finally got the call they needed another piece of paperwork... Seriously?

Its been two weeks and we are still waiting. This has been a very irritating experience and we are close to just cancelling our order and go with someone else. We had given them a deposit and we will probably lose that.

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