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Andrew, we apologize if you feel you are not having a positive experience working as an independent contractor. While we strive to create a positive atmosphere for all our contractors, misunderstandings can occur and we are happy to help address and resolve your concerns. We understand that we are currently working with you to resolve your concerns. Thank you.
Sorrento, Florida

I have been recording a large amount of service calls and back charges lately. All people will get service calls from time to time...lately we have found this is due to the change to the products that we install not being of empires standard quality...there appears to be a massive amount of defective products arriving to us.about have are manufactor defects and half due to mis care on our local company.empire is supposed to climate control the warehouse so we wouldn't have to acclimate the product.this would be very important especially here in Florida , nothing but moisture and humidity.they haven't been doing this causing the product to warp and bow.the better installers have been bringing the product back for we will be paying for the material if the can lock 2 boards together even if there are some gapping..if we install it like it is and the customer complains the we buy is no longer a company I am proud to work for.I am currently still working for empire as of today but expect to be fired for what I'm about to say.I put in a 2 month notice about 2 weeks ago so I will survive, the truth is that I am suffering from a terminal disorder and was only trying to make a little money to care for my wife after I die....I have found that the jobs are being given mor to the Spanish crews, I suspect this is because this is because Maggie is Spanish.i called human resources to report this to Erica Sanchez when I didn't get work for the first 2 weeks of Maggie arriving yet I was top gun at 100 percent in all catagorys.....Erica immediately came to maggies defense and said she would call me back in 24 hours.

NO CALL but I got work for a week and then back to one or two small jobs that barely cover my insurance and laborers.I profit about $60 per day I work so I'm leaving them....

I can even live with my wife before I die because she had to take a job 2 hours away after being unemployed for 18

Brian treats all the installers with no respect but only threatens their business with pay cuts and then hiring many other installers when the ones who have been there and proved to be quality installers the older employees are struggling....I reported the problem with my pay on my job and in exchange I got no paycheck this week at all, I had 3 jobs....their excuse is brian was in las Vegas,if no one is covering him. This put me at home for the week costing me more money.I bet all the company employees checks came in in time.I tried to reach other people at empire in Chicago, you will never get anyone.I will be spending my time this week and after I leave empire fore my final days posting these till I talk to the right people or things are changed....look for part three

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