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Andrew, we apologize if you feel you are not having a positive experience working as an independent contractor. While we strive to create a positive atmosphere for all our contractors, misunderstandings can occur and we are happy to help address and resolve your concerns. We understand that we are currently working with you to resolve your concerns. Thank you.
Sorrento, Florida

I have been with empire for about 5 to 5&1/2 years now,I have been so proud to work for them, they ran a very honest and fair business looking out for their customers and their contractors with integrity,always offering a high quality product making my job go smoothly.they were handing out the jobs in a fair manner dividing the work evenly by financial amounts at the end of the month....this was done by Gina Halwix.a great install manager in las Vegas .then that location closed and I was able to change markets to Orlando fl.Another great install manager ...Mike Perry...

Then mike left and we got Deon, a nice guy and then a new general manager Don Kitchens...another great guy. We received great respect as installers, and professionals. Within months Don and Deon were gone and I found that some of the work I done was not processed for payment all goes down hill from here.....we received Brian as a general manager. And Maggie as a install manager.

I gave my invoices back to Gina in Orlando who processes them for payment ,she told me about 2 months later that she has not got anywhere with them because she has been busy, so I took them back and talked to Maggie ,my install manager, I requested arbitration per my contract and she said no, let me have them, I got them back the next day, I asked for arbitration and a copy of my contract, she said she would have to find out how to get me a copy.that was about 2 months or so ago, no contract...then I talked to Brian the general manager and he said bring them to him.when I did he passed them to Nate the regional install manager who immediately passed one back to Maggie and the rest to Alfonso customer support ....on and on I still haven't been paid so I started calling empire in Chicago , and left many messages for Erica Sanchez I believe is her name in human resource...meanwhile there is still more unpaid charges happening.I finally get a call from Erica and she said she will contact me in 24 to 48 hours to let me know about the new and old unpaid invoices. Her time is up today at 2:45 eastern time.... I'm sure I will have to call her repeatedly to get a reply this time, the newest problem is that I did a large vinyl job where the salesperson sold vinyl in a large area of the home. One area was a closed in lanai that had bad concrete with ceramic tile that was breaking and was very uneven.

I called Maggie with no answer so I called Alfonso and explained it to him he got Maggie on the phone and I explained it to her and told her I would need about 1200.00 to correct the floor by removing the bad tiles and pouring self leveler and then patching with skim coat to prepare the floor.this was about 9 am...the customer called the sales person and she agreed to come and look to see what could be done.keeping in touch with Maggie I told her the sales person couldn't be there till 1 or 2 and I would wait for her before starting the job. I called Maggie to let her know the sales person arrived and was pricing other products and that money would be an issue following the sale.I was approved for the 1200.00 for the work because she couldn't afford any other floor. Maggie put it in the system and I collected the money as extra to contract.

When I turned in the bill I was told I couldn't have any of the money even though I agreed to only ask for 900 to leave empire with some.I was told that all this money for extra labor was only for empire and I'm entitled to none of it.just the original labor.....I requested arbitration to Erica Sanchez and explained that not paying me for 34 hours labor was not an option and I would lean the property if this is not addressed...Look for part 2 of this complaint titled part 2

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