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Joe, thank you for making us aware of your concerns. It’s our understanding that we’ve been in contact with you to better explain our all inclusive pricing and the current promotion. We look forward to completing your installation. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or

Thank you.
Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager

TO: Rebekah Clerk

National Customer Service Manager

Empire Today

I called Empire Today because of the Buy1/Get2 Rooms Free or 60% Off ad that I saw on TV. I want to install hardwood flooring in our new house. After speaking with the representative and deliberating on the pricing, I find myself mystified about the TV ads. I am actively looking for better pricing. If I find it, I will cancel my contract.

Allow me to summarize what I discovered about the pricing. It seems a lot like a bait-and-switch operation, but in a legal way. The price for the product is exceptionally high; uncompetitively high. Any of the offered sales appear to be based upon that high price. By offering the sale, the resulting price is around that of any other product and installation (ex. those offered by Home Depot, Lowes, etc.).

In my case, I ordered Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring for about 1,000 square feet. Originally, my price would be over $20,000 with installation. After negotiation, my price is only slightly better than Lowes (within $100), with all thing included like installation, moulding, etc.

I'm told by the representative that Empire's product quality is infinitely better than Lowes (Bruce) and he can go no lower in price. In my old house, we never had problems with the Bruce flooring in over 10 years.

As a side note, I cannot conceive how a company or a salesperson would allow someone purchase 1,000 square feet of hardwood flooring with installation for over $20,000.

So, why am I unhappy? Simply, its a matter of principle. I did not call to get an average price. I called because there was a sale. My representative would not tell me the cost of the material or installation per square foot. He just gave a price. Its really hard to compare without such information. I had to figure it all out as best as I could.

I certainly do not begrudge a company trying to make a profit. I'm happy to pay the fair price. But, I called for a sale based on a fair price. I did not get that.

From the TV ads, I expected the company to come in with reasonable pricing and a good sale. What I got was nothing more than an average deal. I would like to see the company do better on the pricing. My representative has told me he can do nothing less than the price he has offered.

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