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Empire Today in Worcester, Massachusetts - No call/No show-Empire Carpet

As a member of the Customer Service Team for Empire, I am sorry your experience did not meet your expectations. Our in-home appointments are the only way for us to show consumers our products and world-class service. The situation you described is not how we handle our scheduled appointments or customer service. We know family time is important and we take the appointments very seriously. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you as a mother to two young children. I would like to have the opportunity to speak with you so we can follow back and address the situation with the representatives involved. Since we do not have your contact information, if possible, would you please contact us so we can provide you a resolution, please feel free to email us at or call 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Empire Today Estimate

We scheduled an in home estimate with Empire Carpet..the lady called the day of the appt and said she's running late & that we could either wait for her or reschedule the appointment.

We have two little ones at home so we rescheduled the appt for 4 days later...the lady was a no show and didn't even bother to call to inform us she won't be coming.

Icing on the cake, when the company called us - no one said a word. No one even bothered to do a follow-up!

Needless to say that we won't be needing their services.

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Empire Today in Boston, Massachusetts - Fraudulent Quote – Square Footage Outrageous

Jim, I’ve read your post and would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience with us. Proper measuring is an important part of the in-home appointment since it is a big part of determining the pricing once the products are selected. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Customer Satisfaction is extremely important to us and I would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding this matter. Since I’m unable to locate your information on file based on the information that was provided in the post, if you’re available, please feel free to send me an email or you can also reach me via phone, 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk – National Customer Service Manager.
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Empire Today Estimate

I had to replace the carpet in the hallways/staircase of a three story three family in Boston. I had used

Empire before, so gave them a call and got an estimate. The price was $4.53 per sq. ft. installed. To

say that the salesperson was incompetent would be generous. He had to measure everything three

times, could not do simple calculations. He made so many mistakes on the order crossing things out

two and three times that it was unreadable. He told me that I had to put down a third of the total cost

because it was a special order and would take 10-14 days to get the carpet. Then in the next breath

said that it could be installed the next day.

Came up with an estimate of $3,692 based and 774.26 sq ft. I said that seemed high. He said: no,

and that this was a big area. I asked if there was an additional labor charges since this was a

staircase. He re-iterated: no, it's a flat fee. I agreed to remove and dispose of the old carpet to save

$200. He called the office and the lowered price for $3,001 was agreed upon. When I ripped up the

carpet I looked at them and concluded that there was no way that this was close to 800 sq ft. I

measured it and came out with 304 sq ft. I am an architect with 30 yrs experience and an expert in

this area. I had a third person measure it and he came up with 305 sq ft.

Granted it was a staircase with more waste than normal, but over150%. I called the office and

complained. A manager came out and first he said was that in the order was written for 680 sq. ft.,

not the original 774.26 sq. ft. that the basis for the quote. He also confirmed that the price included

installation and that there was not a separate labor charge. When I asked why there was no

adjustment and that the price still reflected the original 774.26 sq. ft. he had no answer. He also

confirmed that it was in stock. No one has ever explained why I had put up $1,000 deposit instead of

the standard $25. A question that remains unanswered to this day.

He measured and came up with 502 sq. ft. Not sure how using the same equation they came up with

three different sizes for the same square footage of floor space. He told me that he would give me a

$500 credit. I said OK and the installation was scheduled for the next day. I really didn't have much

of a choice, as I stood to lose the $1,000 deposit.

The installers arrived with the work order where the price was still $3,001. There also was a note to

call after the work was done. When I told them that this is not the right price, they called to the

office before they started, but the manager didn't want to talk. I took the phone and reminded that we

agreed to lower price by at least $500. He answered that he would discuss the final price after

installation. The installers installed and I called to manager again. This time, he said the bill was

$2,800. I reminded him again that he had agreed to a $500 credit from the $3001. He denied that he

had ever having agreed to that. Among the scrap was a single piece 12ft x 6ft =72 sq.ft and I tried to

get a credit for it. I tried to pay for 430 sq ft instead the 502 sq. ft. (502-72=430), the amount actually

installed plus waste. He said: no. So I said that I would pay for every sq in that was in the truck. I

took out my calculator and computed: $4.53 x 502 sq.ft + 5% (taxes)= $2,387.76. He said: no, that

$2,601 was the best he could do. I reminded him that the contract was for $4.53 per sq. ft. for 502

sq.ft. not for 545 sq.ft. (There was a total 502 sq. ft. of carpet in the truck). I still questioned the 58%

waste (based on 502 sq, ft., not the 545 sq. ft. that I was charged for), but have decided to drop it

He pretty much demanded the new higher price even though he could offer no explanation as to how

he came to that price. He also told me that I had to pay it since it had already been installed even

hough the new higher price had never been discussed. So, I paid $2, 601. Very expensive carpet for

the 305 sq. ft. of floor space!