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Angie, I’d like to follow back with you and offer our apologies for the issues you’ve experienced with your product. We do try to work with customers that express concerns as we want you to be happy with the finished results for years to come. It is my understanding that we’ve spoken with you and an appointment has been scheduled in a few weeks to re-stretch your product. We’ll be sure to follow back with you afterwards to make sure everything went smoothly but if you have any questions or concerns before this time, please feel free to email me at or call me at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Winter Haven, Florida

Update by user Dec 15, 2011

It has taken me a little bit to get back, but I had a guy to call and say he was with empire carpets and would like to come by and try to fix my carpet. So I told him that my dinning room has several item in it like a table, china cabinet.

So anyway he tells me when I get it moved to call him. Hello! That is suppose to be part of the deal that they help you move stuff. That is ok I will be sure to tell people who not to go with company wise.

I could just kick my own butt for dealing with them. I am just finding out that your spouse is suppose to be at home too!

I have learn and important lesson! I have been ripped off, charged to much for such shoddy carpet!

Update by user Jul 15, 2011

Ok so they called and set up a time that they would come out and fix my carpets. I stayed at home waiting for them, they never showed.

And they did not even address the issue of the salesperson making a ton of money off me by over doing the estiment.

Not surprised. going to file a complaint with the bbb.

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2011

I had Empire carpets to install tile and carpet in our house. After wards a few of my family and friends had the same installed in their homes.

Little did I know the guy who came out over shot my measurments and which raised my price big time. I will never ever use them again. My best bet would have been to us someone who is not out to rip the consumer off. Yeah, I have wrinkles in my carpets now and they said it would be tackless.It has big tacks and lots of ripples.

Watch out! They like to take your money!

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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