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I have read your posts and recent comments regarding your experience with Empire, and I would like to opportunity to speak with you directly about your concerns with our company. I can be reached directly at or via phone at 847-583-5248. Marlo Michalek, Vice President Marketing
Los Angeles, California

I am a former customer and employee of Empire Today. I am also a member of a class action lawsuit in California (lOS ANGELES).

This posting is to get additional feedback from other customers and employees who have been a victim of consumer and employment fraud that Empire blatantly engages in.

In regards to the class action lawsuit, Empire refuses to negotiate a fair resolution to the monetary loss they have caused both employees and consumers. Unless Empire swiftly decides to take these allegations serious, media attention will be brought in with full and honest disclosure of Empire's fraudulant activities.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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How do I get in on this class action law suit?


Hello, I also work for empire today, I agree that they are very shady in there business practices and was wondering how the class action suit is going? I too am thinking about suing the company for various reasons. Let me know,


I'd love to know how to go after Empire today, but after writing to Atty General, BBB, and Consumer Protection, they finally came back with an offer to replace our carpeting at an additional cost of $578 (original price was $1200) and we have a 5 yr warranty. we never got the "independent inspection report" but were told that if we "rake the carpet" it'll perk back up.

I don't rake my carpets on my hands and knees and as soon as you walk on it, it's flat and worn. But there's so many locations and addresses, I wouldn't know where to start to take them to court.