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Dear Mr. Leveille,

Customer service is our number one priority, and is our customer promise to handle issues quickly and fairly if they should arise. We regret to hear about your experience, and understand that we’re currently working with you towards a solution. We’ll continue to review this matter to assure that your concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience,
-ET Customer Support

In 2018, we hired Empire Today to install a carpet in a large, 2-room basement area of the empty home we’d just purchased. The installers charged us $600 for new padding, but never installed the padding.

They put new carpet over the old padding and kept our money. We discovered this the following winter, when water damage forced us to pull up a small section of the new carpet.

Empire informed us that the entire carpet needed to be replaced if we wanted to keep our warranty. This was a huge problem because the basement was now fully-furnished and contained over $50,000 of fragile electronic equipment which would have to be moved. After a fight, Empire agreed to do the re-installation for free.

Since we didn’t trust a carpet crew to move the very expensive equipment while they worked, we agreed on a 2-day installation.

We would clear one room for them on day 1, then move all of the equipment to the first room, clearing the second room for them to work before they arrived on day 2. No problem.

They arrived on day 1 and completed the first room, but they didn’t leave. The carpet crew proceeded to move all of that equipment themselves and finish the second room, completing the job in 1 day for their own convenience. I discovered this only when they were nearly finished.

I yelled for them to stop but the foreman literally refused. It was very difficult to communicate with them, they spoke broken English or none at all. Frustrated, I resigned to let them finish the job.

The crew left our belongings in large, disorganized piles throughout the basement, some of which fell over and collapsed. I photographed all of it and notified the company the same day.

After several days of inventorying the mess, I discovered several thousand dollars in damages to equipment and furniture.

The job itself was notably poorer than the first installation but that’s the least of our concerns, and we’re not allowing this company back into our home for repairs.

The company was completely unresponsive to phone calls and emails for weeks at a time. It’s very important to persist throughout this period, which appears to be this company’s standard operating procedure for claims and complaints. It’s now been months and this company continues to deny any wrongdoing – but they’ve offered us a small monetary fraction of the damages “for inconveniences.”

The crew has lied about their conduct and misrepresented the condition of our home in their photographs, using “after” photos as “before” photos (yet neglecting to provide both sets for us).

We have photo proof to the contrary, of course, and this will be an easy case in court. But the negligence, fraud, theft and destruction for which Empire Today has been responsible throughout this 10-month ordeal has been tremendously frustrating for us.

Find a local crew for your flooring, stay away from Empire.

Reason of review: Damaged personal property.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Monetary compensation.

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