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We always strive to provide a positive work environment, and we regret that you did not enjoy your time with us as an independent contractor. Please contact 800-588-2300 and ask to speak to our human resources department to express any further concerns.
Thank you.
Nashville, Tennessee

Empire today told me i was an independant contractor allowing them to withhold an actual salary , benefits and any responsibility to me saying that in exchange for their leads I would be in business for myself.When I was uable to get e-mails on my phone they asked me to turn in my samples. A per son is an employee or not .

To treat me like an emp-loyee when uin fact I am not was unacceptable. They said I would get 5 leads a day.

I had to pawn my car to keep my rent paid. I would make 200 dollars ina week and spend 100 of it in gas.Do NOT work for them!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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