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Dear Robin,
We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention and sincerely regret to hear that your experience was not a successful one. We want to ensure that your concerns did not go unanswered, if you continue to have questions please contact us at
Thank you.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Update by user Feb 11, 2016

The employee handed me a form to sign that the work was completed and I did not provide my signature but wrote several notes. Then the worker handed me a blank form of the same form I wrote on.

What???? I have no record of my original form...this is Empire Today's method of poor methods and customer service.

Original review posted by user Jan 12, 2016

Update Jan 12, 2016: Sean the salesman has yet to this day ever call me back (POS). On Jan 11th, I spoke with JT (customer service) and told her not to send out the same crew since they did a bad job and left my front yard dirty with saw dust and pieces of wood flooring.

She spoke with the installation manager and they said they would send a different crew out on Jan 12th. On the morning of Jan 12th, I receive a call from the same crew! OMG! I told them not to come out and I called JT back.

The installation manager John Judge wanted to talk to me and he wanted me to take a third day off from work so he could find another crew! Ridiculous! He did not want to spend extra money to gather up a new crew. This just goes to show you how they do not care about their customers.

No problem making a client lose wages from being out of work for 3 days due to their unprofessionalism, terrible customer service and complete lack of respect. If you have any intelligence whatsoever and have read this, I will only have to say that you are an *** if you use Empire Today.


I sat down with Empire Today's salesman, Sean D. Owen and decided to go with their 50/50/50 deal for installation of laminate floors in my master bedroom and office. After researching several other local companies, I believe this 50/50/50 deal is a scam.

My fault for not searching prior to going with this awful company. They were still more expensive than other quotes. With that said, the company arrived on a cold January 2016 day. Two of the three Mexican workers did not speak English.

Therefore, it made it difficult to communicate at the onset. They kept leaving my front door open after asking them to close the door multiple times. In addition, the electric saw was just outside the front door and was extremely loud. After the work was nearly done, the English speaking worker came to me and said they did not have enough boards.

I was flabbergasted. I immediately called Sean and he said, "I have some personal contacts and I will call you back." It has been several days and no one from Empire Today not even Sean has called me! Not one! Not even the salesman.

This shows how much they DO NOT care about their customers and how they only care about getting their money. Today, I receive an automated appointment via email and that I am scheduled for completion this Saturday! I won't be here and it is a "noreply" email! Now, for their work.

The quarter round work was awful. One section of quarter round came to a "point??!!" The transition boards were awful. There were gaps and overcuts. Here is what they did.

They filled the transition board gaps with white caulk! Unbelievable! They left my bedroom door dirty with their black gloves and dirty hands. It was awful.

Never ever use Empire Today due to their salesman's lack of professionalism and their workers lack of English speaking workers and more importantly, the extremely poor craftsmanship. It just goes to show that companies like this boast about they have been in business for so many years and great customer service - NOT! NEVER AGAIN Empire Today!

And, all of my facebook family and friends will know! I will use the power of social media!

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Installation.

Reason of review: see review, that says it all!.

Empire Today Cons: Dishonest pricing, Time it is taking to get this job done, Lack of caring, Craftsmanship.

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Be wary of doing business with this customer.


Empire today are crooks liars, thieves run run they sale low quality products for astronomical prices they work on a 45% profit margin run run


Thank you for bringing your experience to our attention. We can assure you that this is not the installation experience with expect for our customers.

We understand your frustration, and we want to make things right for you.

We will be following up with you soon, and you can also reach us at Thank you.