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As a member of Empire's Customer Service Management Team, I would like to apologize for your recent experience. While we do require a deposit to initiate orders, there is a three-day cancellation policy. As long as you properly cancelled your order, your deposit should be returned. If possible, would you be able to contact me at your earliest convenience, I can be reached at or via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Grand Rapids, Michigan

WE had to cancel our carpet , I called our salesman he said no problem I will give your depost back because we are not a hard sell company . Empire cashed the check and we have not seen any depost money back and I doubt we will.

Beware buying carpet from empire today carpet.

You might sorry you called I will never there again and I will not recommend to any one. go to a local store and I am sure you be treated better, I know that is where we go for any product know matter what it is , a small company where good will is important


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:) Wow, I am shopping for carpet and wanted to check out the reviews for Empire Carpet. The catchy commercial song is forever stuck in my head so I thought I'd try getting a quote from them first.

After reading these scary reports, I am crossing Empire Carpets off my list forever. They sound like dirty scammers who hire felons. Never mind!

Think I'll install hardwood myself... Thanks for saving me from a horrible experience!


They kept my deposit too. But I'm going to get it back...I plan to file a BBB complaint and complaints with local consumer advocates.


I'm VERY disappointed with Empire, the salesman and the carpet!! The carpet is shedding like crazy.

Clogged my vacuum hose and fills bag completely only after a few times. I hope this subsides. I just wanted to say that in Illinois, the Attorney General truly does an awesome job for consumers.

I've had to contact them twice and they respond immediately and problem got solved very quickly. Usually when companies receive that first letter from the Attorney Generals office, they move pretty quick to take care of the problem.


I too had a negative experience with Empire Carpet 6 years ago. I cancelled an order the next day and requested for the return of my $92.00 deposit.

I was told that I had to write a letter because they had no way to verify that I was due a refund. I sent the letter and never heard back from them nor received my refund.


Thank you for bringing your sales experience to our attention. Our customer service team looks forward to addressing your concerns immediately. We encourage you to contact us directly by calling us at 800-588-2300.