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Dear Raymond,
We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand that we have spoken to you and reached an amicable solution. Your continuous satisfaction is important to us, for future concerns please contact us at
Thank you.
-ET Customer Support

I WILL NEVER USE EMPIRE AGAIN (and I have a lot of flooring left to do in my home). I would like to start by saying that the end result is beautiful and the installers were quick, professional and very helpful.

This is not where my problem lies. My problem is every other facet of this company. We interviewed/received quotes from several different companies. We narrowed down our decision to two.

We went with Empire (a slightly more expensive option) because we were told the floors were made in the USA as opposed to China. THAT was our deciding factor. The day the installers get here we notice the boxes all say "Made in China". Wait.

What? We call the salesman, no answer. I call the main office number and tell them our issue. What is their explanation?

"The floors are made in the USA but the boxes are made in China.". What? The boxes? This is the story you are going with?

Ok, the boxes. I make them promise that yes, the floors are in fact made in the USA. We google the name on the box, "Valinge". Guess what?

MADE IN CHINA- but I mean, we knew this. We call again and all they can tell us is there was no excuse for the lie and the customer service person trying to get us off the phone and that all we can do at this point is cancel the order. Well, that would be great and we could go with the cheaper option since they too were made in China if perhaps maybe all of our tile and carpet hadn't already been pulled up. I'm hosting a party in 4 days!?!?!

How long will it take to get floors? What the...fine, just put it down. Half way through the installation I look at the padding and I ask "Is that the upgraded padding that we had paid for, you know, the quiet walk?". He tells me no, that this was the standard padding and that they don't use the upgrade on this type of flooring because it actually makes it echo even worse.

Now, rewind...sitting at our breakfast table, the day we signed the contract I ask "How much extra are we paying for the upgraded padding?". He tells me something like 20 or 40 cents a square foot and he had knocked down the price. Ok, cool. But now today when we call the main number they tell us we did not pay for upgraded padding.

What? We call the salesman he says no, we did not get charged for it. Ok, then why was the price we paid the same as when you told me you charged us 40 (or 20) cents a sq ft? Wouldn't that price drop?

He says we went over what all the costs were when we signed, and we did, but that's when he told me the price per sq ft. The floors are in, we received no discounts, no refund for padding. Also, when I call to complain I want results. I DO NOT want to hear anything about anyone losing commission or the contract we signed.

I know what we were told. I know we were lied to. I know we were blown off.

Lack of integrity, that is where my issue lies. Don't lie to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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