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Although your post is from a couple of years ago, I truly apologize for your experience with our installation team and that we were unable to fulfill the expectations set forth during your in-home appointment at that time. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand it can be frustrating to have installers come back and forth into your home to finish a job that should have been finished the first time. At Empire, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we are continually working on ways to better reach out to our customers. Your experience with our customer service and unreturned phone calls is not something we want to happen again. We know some time has elapsed, but if you are still interested, we would like to hear more about your experience so we can better improve on satisfying you and our other customers in the future. If you are still interested in reaching out to us, I can be reached at or via phone at 888-588-2315 ext. 5560. Marlo Michalek – Vice President of Marketing Communications.
Hereford, Arizona

I set up the free in home estimate. The salesman arrived on time and was pleasant for the most part. Shared he had only been on the job for two days. Indicated the job would be completed on a Friday and Saturday, with Sunday just in case they needed to finish up.

The job was confirmed 4 days prior to installation and I was told someone would be calling me to tell me when they would be at my home. I finally called the company the morning the installation was supposed to begin and I was told someone would be at my home around 8am. I called them again at 12:30p when nobody had showed up and was told they were just now leaving the warehouse with my carpet. The carpet installers arrived and said they could not start the job without the tile be completed and would be back on Sunday to install the carpet.

The tile installers arrived Saturday morning and I was told they would need need two and a half days to complete the tile. They then decided they did not want to work on Sunday and would come back Monday. The job leader was great. When I called and told him the carpet guys were going to be back on Sunday, he made sure he had a team of guys there to complete the job Sunday morning.

However, they were not given enough tile to complete the job and nobody was willing to go the warehouse (across town) and see if they had any there. Once again, the head of the tilers said he would work with me and have someone there when I got off work on Monday or Tuesday.

The carpet installers decided they were not going to return on Sunday and did not bother to call and let me know. When I called them to see where they were, they decided to tell me they would be here Monday instead. I called Customer Service, who would not connect me directly to the Tucson managers, but spoke to them on "my behalf." I was told the carpet installers had just called him and were on their way. I then told the call center manager what the installers told me about not coming and she called the installation manager again. She then said he was trying to get in touch with the installers, but they would not answer the phone. She said I would be hearing from the installation manager or the installers within 10 minutes. She also said she would be making notes in the system about who she talked to and what was said.

Forty-five minutes later, I called Customer Service again because I had not heard from anyone. The associate I talked to said there were no notes in the system, but called the installation manager again. This time I was told they would have a new team here on Monday to finish the installation. When asked why he could not bother to call and inform me of this when I was told I would be hearing from them the answer was "I don't know."

So far, Empire Today has not followed through on communication, customer service, scheduling, or installation. I highly recommend you avoid using this company. During the sales process I was told they only exprienced 1% of consumer complaints with a large number of installs daily. I find this statement extremely hard to believe after my experience.

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