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Deepak, we’ve been attempting to reach out to you regarding the issues you’ve described. We’d like to speak to you and work towards a resolution, but we have not yet heard back from you. Please call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email, and we’ll follow back with you. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Cartersville, Georgia

PO # 034FAAH894 - Official ComplaintI signed up a hardwood installation contract with sales person Cary Rizzieri of Empire Today on 12/07/2011 for $10750.00 and paid $200.00 as initial deposit. The Auburn color for room's floor and Honey Tone color for staircase were selected and signed in the contract. The entire job was promised to be completed in 2-3 days. The crew came on 12/21/11 and on 12/23/11 I was advised by installer and Rocky Murray from Empire Today over the phone that staircase hard wood Honey Tone is not available currently, it's out of stock and it would be available in 1-2 weeks. He apologized over the phone for delay and agreed to give credit for $250.00, I agreed and now I owe $10,550. I paid by my discover credit card $5,550.00 and was going to pay remainder of $5,000.00, when entire job was completed.The installer made a big discolor patch on my existing hardwood floor in foyer, and visited my house 8-10 days to fix that patch, eventually he could not fixed that patch and in order to make look better he resurfaced my foyer hardwood and which totally look ugly and I was not happy with it.When I called Empire Today and filed complaint officially on their website, I received a call from a customer service manager, he claimed that it was between customer and installer and Empire Today has no responsibility on this issue.Finally I called and set up installation for staircase hardwood, I spoke with customer service agent on 03/08/11 and confirm the order. The installer Vincent with his crew came on 03/09/12 morning and were going to start installation, when I checked the color of wood, it was totally different color and much lighter shade from Honey Tone. When I asked him, he said he was given Oak Gunstock color by Empire Today. I called again and speak with Rocky Murray same day, instead of being sorry he insisted I signed for Oak Gunstock!! ( which is total lie- I can show in wrting on contract it is Honey Tone).Installer Vincent agreed with me and said it would not look nice with two different shades of color and left my home without installation as he has no idea when the right color Honey Tone would be available.I have a contract which shows clearly the color I selected Honey Tone, I gave two opportunities to Empire Today to fulfill their order, but they failed to do so. I received an email from Rocky Murray on 04/19/12 that I owe $2178.00 to pay for rooms hardwood, I requested him to lower the amount as I need to hire some other company to install hardwood for staircase and that would cost me at least $4000.00. This was the whole job which was suppose to be completed at cost of $10,750.00, now it would cost me more than $11,928.00 ( 200+5550+2178+4000).It will also cost $1,178 extra to get staircase job done from other installer, it will take my additional time to get this job completed.To my disbelief, as per email response on 04/20/2012 from Mr. Rocky Murray satellite manager at Empire Today that he has no knowledge about left over boxes of opened and unopened hardwood boxes left at my house on 12/23/2011, what I am suppose to do with it, is there someone in Empire Today can look into this matter and advise me what's going on, and why I have to pay for the cost of left over stock which has no use for me.I have a very bad experience that no one in Empire Today, cares or look into complaint and follow up on this and investigate the entire matter. I am willing to pay what I owe and someone from Empire Today must come and pick up unopened and open boxes of hardwood sitting in my home. I hope some one knows at Empire Today how to do the job right and meaning of Karma.I am sure I would never hire or recommend anyone to get work done from Empire Today in future.I learned from this experience that how the entire Empire Today's system can be incompetent, ineffective, with lack of internal controls, and poor customer service.

Deepak K SahniCary, NC 2751804/26/2012

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring.

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