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Empire Today - Carpet Installation Review from Bolingbrook, Illinois

Dear Brian,
Thank you for your post. We are happy to hear that your experience had a positive turn around, and that your concerns were answered at a timely manner.
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Empire Today Carpet Installation
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Poor customer service

Epic Empire Carpet Install Fail

Salesman came out ontime, the only thing that happened ontime.

After putting down a cash deposit, install appointment was made for Jan14 PM (after 12). A message was left on voice mail, saying the install crew was on way and would be there around 9.30am. I called and said that wouldn't work. As I explained to the salesman at time of sale, I can not be here before 12. The office said they couldn't change the time but could cancel the install and reschedule for another date. I asked how its possible to contact the installer to cancel but you can't to change the install time to what i requested. They put me on hold and came back saying they reached the installers and they will arive after 12. Awesome one hurdle accomplished, just wish i knew the drama that was to unfold a few hours later.

Installers showed about 12. Said there scheduler talked to me before hand and that I said AM install was ok, that was a lie. The installers questioned it because paperwork clearly stated a PM install. They showed me the carpet in van to be installed, before removing it. The carpet was not even close to what was chosen with the salesman at time of purchase. They said they would go back to warehouse and return. I was fine with that, explained that it wasnt a problem, as long as you come back today, anytime i dont really care, as long as it's today. They said no problem, then by 6pm never came back. Called salesman (which is a stretch referring to him in that manner). I requested order to be canceled. Salesman said he would knock money off order an said he would request they do the install on Jan15 by 9.30am. I finally agreed and said if they are not here by 10am, I can't wait and will not be here had to go to work. The installers didn't show. I left and called the salesman, explained that i had to leave. He informed me that i should cancel the order then. He said its not in his purview. Last i checked from the beginning to the end of a sale is in the complete purview of a true salesman. My son was home, so i figured id let things roll and see if they show up later, they did. Just as i was going to leave work to come home and wait, my son calls to inform me the installers are here. Great wonderful, well no not really, because apparently they brought the EXACT wrong carpet as the day before.

Called office and said they need to check the salesman board against their inventory because something is truely wrong. Who sends out the wrong carpet twice in concecutive days, Empire does that's who. After a few calls and having to wait. Epire claims the salesman sample board was incorrect and that I would have to schedule another get together the following week. I explained that I didn't understand why someone couldn't come to me today or even i could meet someone where ever they wanted. I had 2 rooms of stuff packed into 2 other rooms and the hand rail on 2nd floor removed, ahead of the imstall. I needed the carpet installed, i had expected it to have been installed. I did everything i could, Empire did everything to not install it.

I canceled the order and requested my money to be returned. They attempted to offer a further reduction in price, that i did not accept. It's not about money at this point, it's about getting product, it's about service, it's about wanting to deal with people who believe their purview goes beyond holding your hand out and accepting cash, before your run away and hide.

I would not recommend Empire for anything, unless it's nothing you are looking for. They have an endless supply of that.