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Dear Customer,
it’s disappointing that you weren’t happy with your sales experience. We’d like to speak with you more to better understand what happened. However, we aren’t able to look up your account with the information provided. Please send your account and contact information to so we assist.
Thank you.
Des Plaines, Illinois

From the git-go I was being rushed into deciding on the few samples brought that I said I didn't ask to see such samples and was only interested for the requested samples and colors I spoke when I made the appointment. This guy wanted me to make a decision and as the other comment posted did the same rush to sign and install.

Told him not interested and by then he said if I sign to install he'd give half off!

I told him I don't make decisions like that and he had nothing to offer me that I liked in color or in tile or anything right now and I had someone coming in a few minutes and if I was interested still I would call and he could come back! Of course I didn't do that because when red flags are waved at me I listen!!!!!

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