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Dear Rhonda,
We sense your frustration and are saddened to know that this was your experience. Although time has elapsed since your last posting, we would like to ensure that your concerns have been answered. For future questions please contact us at
Thank you.
Auburn, Georgia
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We purchased over $10,000 in flooring from Empire Today in late summer of 2015. We started having issues with the Ceramic tile within just a few months due to poor installation, I contacted Empire Today warranty to place a service request for the grout cracked in the master bathroom so they sent the installing company out to make the repair.

The installing company attempted to make a "cut corners" repair due to coming unprepared and used grout on our concrete slab rather than thin-set (this was of course unknown to me at the time) to reset the repaired tile however the repaired tile popped completely loose again less than 2 hours after the repairman left our house. I had to threaten to contact an attorney to get Empire Today to send someone else out to make a proper repair on the tile, which I was told by the repairman that the grout being placed on our concrete slab by the original installers has now caused damage to the the slab. Now we're having issues with the laminate flooring in the living room popping up and separating at the seams. We've attempted to get this repaired for almost 6 weeks now and have been given multiple appointments on various Saturdays however the installing company does not show up for those appointments.

I've left voice mails for the installation manager, Kevin Haynes, as well as others in management but have not received any response from anyone regarding these issues.

We've moved all furniture out of our living room so repairs could be made for two Saturdays in a row as we've had previously scheduled repairs made a week in advance however the repairmen have not showed up on either occasion then we've had to move all the furniture back again due to NO SHOW. We've now been left with no other option at this point than to hire an attorney as Empire Today is not honoring their warranty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Empire Today Cons: Horrible customer service, Poor follow up on installation, No show installation, Craftsmanship, Lack of integrity.

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THE SAGA CONTINUES...the original laminate installer returned to my house on Saturday 3/5/16 and "attempted" to repair the issues with our floors however the issues are now far worse than before they attempted the repair. After the attempted repair we are now left with 2 different colors of laminate that are very noticeable and seams that stand up far more than the connecting piece of laminate.

The issues before repair were not noticeable in pictures however the issues after repair are very much noticeable. I've forwarded pictures of the "repair" to the installation manager Kevin Haynes on 3/7/16 and am waiting on a return response currently. When myself and my husband voiced our concerns to the installer about the raised portions of the flooring and the fact that our floors looked worse after the repairs he replied that he had done his best and then I was given a container of Mini-Wax wood putty and told that I would just have to purchase rugs to cover the many issue spots. We've spent this amount of money to get new floors and we are now being told that we'll have to lay rugs over the issue spots, are these people serious?!?!

My husband who is usually the one that remains calm and cool has now reached his boiling point and is livid with this ongoing matter.

Someone "HIGHER UP" than the people we've been speaking with needs to get involved in this matter before we're left with no additional options. I've spoken again with the attorney this morning to update him on how the repair went after being advised to allow them to make the repair and he has also been forwarded the pictures, now I'm waiting to determine how to proceed but this merry-go+-round is about to come to a STOP!!!


Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand that we've been in contact with you about this situation.

We can assure you that we are taking this matter seriously, and we will continue to work towards a resolution with you. You can also reach us at

Thank you.