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Sarah, We strive to make beautiful new floors easy for all of our customers nationwide.
We sincerely regret to hear that your installation experience did not go as planned. Please email us your account information such as: street address, phone number, or email used to schedule your appointment.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,
-ET Customer Support.
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My husband and I requested a consultation, because in our last home Empire was an amazing experience, so we decided to purchase flooring from Empire for our new home. The sales person told us installation would be scheduled for 10/10/20, we asked for another date, but we were informed this was the best, so we canceled our anniversary plans, the day came and no one came to install the floors, and no one called.

My husband called, and we were informed that we were not on the scheduled for 10/10/20 but were scheduled for 10/17/20. We then spoke with the actual salesman who stated it was his error, so we decided to wait until the newly scheduled date. Well, 10/17/20 comes and the installers get here, but they do not have the correct amount of flooring and tells us it was measure incorrectly, and they can then install the floors on the following Wednesday when the truck comes in with more flooring, that indeed did not happen it was placed on calendar for 10/24/20 at this point I just want them to leave, but my husband called the office, and they assure him they will complete the installation, and we will be the first scheduled of the day on 10/24/20. Unfortunately, on 10/24/20 no one showed up by days end my husband called and asked did anyone intend to inform us that no one was coming out again?

Some woman called us back and stated that her boyfriend was still coming but was running late and was never informed that we were to have been scheduled as the first appointment of the day. When my husband asked if this is how they operate their business, she hung up. At that point we called back and told them to forget it. We have placed many calls to the customer service, and we are given the run around, We are being told they are still investigating what and how all these mishaps occurred.

However, we have been billed for badly contracted work, non-existent communication and a broken contract on Empire's end. We are still attempting to resolve this matter .

We were repeat customers, but never again. Very Unhappy Never Again Customer in Lebanon Tennessee.

User's recommendation: All Empires are not as customer focused as the next, try and find a location that cares. We learned this the hard way.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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