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Edward, Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We put our customers first and act with a sense of urgency to address every concern.
We want every customer to be satisfied, and regret to hear about your experience. We've located your account information and will be contacting you shortly to start working on a resolution.
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Their installers did a horrible job on the cord around on our LVP we had installed in the kitchen, corners didnt line up with the wall corners. Cut walls that didnt need cut because there was already a thicker hardwood floor on the floor that they removed.

The installer cut an electrical wire going to thermostat for AC unit left it hanging and never told us!! The house was getting hot and I noticed the temperature was higher than set and the ac unit wouldnt come on ... I saw the wire they cut!! The same guy came out with another guy to fix but he was not an electrician and used duct tape to tape together.

We called empire and they said for us to call and have it fixed and to send in the receipt for reimbursement. I paid the electrician out of my personal checking account and sent the receipt in for reimbursement. Charmane told me I would be getting a check in the mail for the whole amount.. but instead of receiving a check Empire applied a credit to the loan with WellsFargo..That money came out of my checking account...And it needs to go back into my checking account by way of check from Empire..

I have talked to about 10 people from Empire all saying someone will get back to us in 24 hours and it NEVER happens. I talked to wellsfargo about what happened and was told it would be no problem for Empire to do a reversal of the credit that was applied.

This company needs to be put out if business for being a company of scammers!!! I have been in contact with an attorney for consumer fraud..

User's recommendation: Never ever use this company! Buyer Beware.

Preferred solution: Make a reversal to Wells Fargo and send me the check so I can put the money back into my checking account as this was what was to happen to begin with..

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