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Mr. Machado, I have read your recent post and apologize that you were not satisfied with your recent sales appointment. It is our goal to have our sales representatives work with each customer's budget and needs. I was able to locate you account information and understand that our Customer Service Team has followed back with you about your experience and that you have already purchased from another company. I’m sorry that we were not able to provide you with carpet for your home, and will pass along your concerns to the local area manager. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can contact me at or via phone at 888-588-2315 x5234. Bridget Moscatello, Vice President of Customer Operations.
Hinsdale, Illinois

I called Empire Today for an estimate. Salesman arrives on time.

He goes through his sales pitch. I look at samples he measures the room. All is good. He's not 100 professional, but I'm ok with that.

I wanted to have 2 possibly 3 rooms done. So I give the sample I like and he figures out the price. 2 Rooms will be about $2000 (about 400sf) So I told the sales person that I like to shop around and get an good feel for the cost before I make a decision. He goes into the salesman pitch of how I have to watch out for those added cost and I go ok, but I still want to check out other places.

So with more aggressive pitching he goes back into I need to watch out for the hidden cost. At this point I understood, but I still like to shop around. So I go thats it I'm done and he looks at me and says let me see what I can figure out. Magically the price drops $500.

He just had to make a phone call. I told him great, but I still want to shop around. He goes back into his pitch about how I need to watch the hidden cost 3rd time and he starts doing the math for me for the cost at another place. So after that he goes and makes a phone call.

5-10 minutes later he comes back and say we can do it for the price we just ask that we can put a sign out front. Ok fine, but I want to shop around. He goes you have three days to cancel your order if you find a better deal, but I can't give you this deal unless you sign the paper work today and have it installed with 2-3 days. Oh man pressure is applied hard.

So I say ok I'll sign, but I going to check the prices elsewhere and will cancel if I find a better deal. He says ok, but I don't think you will. So the next day I got Lowes find a rug with a high Face weight 50oz vs 40oz installed for $300 less including removal of old rug and moving furniture. I call him as soon as I get home and he says let me figure something out and call you back Monday morning.

Monday morning comes and goes and I call him back a little after 12p. He goes I was going to call you in 20 minutes. The best I can do is $100 off. I cancelled my order.

Between the overly aggressive sales tactics and higher price it wasn't worth giving my business to them.

I know each saleman is different, but attemptimg to put that much pressure on someone to by right there and then when they have stated several times that I want to shop around is not acceptable. If the salesman had be reasonable in his sales pitch and not so aggressive I would have been fine paying $200 more.

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