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Travis, it’s wonderful to hear that your installation went so well. Customer service is our top priority, and we always want to make the home improvement process as easy and convenient as possible. We’re glad that the installers were so helpful and that you’re satisfied with your product. Thank you for the review and enjoy your newly renovated home! Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Hampton, Virginia

Just had Empire Today install carpeting and I couldn't be more pleased. The installers took their time and installed a great product.

You can see the attention to detail. I had a bid from Home Depot and Empire Today beat that bid and actually did more work that Home Depot would have. Home Depot wouldn't make any repairs to the sub-floor and Emprie Today was more than happy to accomplish this work. The installers had me review their work every step of the install.

They cleaned and vacuumed the work area.

The installer gave me his card and said he would personelly come over if I ever had an issure with the carpet. Thanks.

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