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Bradenton, Florida

I hired empire to install vinyl floor and carpet in my home the first day one crew did not want to work and the second crew started the carpet which look good at first my home is very dark at night it told a different story deficts in carpet show with lights on carpet with rips in it and not going all the way to the wall. Then second day came the crew was here an hour removing old tile and left to get a roller and when they return my house was surrond by cops 8 of them and they found cocaine and marijuana on them and then the cops allow them to come in my home by theirselves and they kick a big hole in my new chandlier light stole myapple ipod and my sunglasses my extention cord and the company sent some one out to talk and assure me the rest of the job would go good and they since the people that did the carpet and they did not want to do the vinyl they had already told me and then when i let them know about deflicts in carpet they had even more attitude they chisel tile up next to all of my new furniture ruining all of it they used my tea pitcher for mixing their mud and ruin that they left my furniture out in the rain along with my desk and bathroom dooor they ruin my front door with in 1 week i had holes all in the vinyl and holes in the deflicted carpet so i had no good floor all my brand furniture was destroyed my 5 year old furniture was left out in the rain and now ruin and they broke my refrigator if it could break they broke i have never had such a bad experience like this before i am still paying to repair and fix things that they mess up like holes in my wall broke outlets my doors and window sills my desk left in the rain is got chunks of wood out of it so please beware before hiring Empire flooring to do your floors it will cost you more than money i now have police coming down my street and slowing down atleast 3 times a day I have been pull over twice and search like a crimnal after they where here and got busted with drugs i do not have piece of mind in my own home everyday i wondered what esle they stole or what i will find destroyed i have cleaned for 10 months and unable to get stains out they left all the dust that they cause because they did not cover everything up i look over any contractor with a fine comb before letting them in to do the work they ruin my pool deck by pouring there chemicals on my deck and turning it green tile chips where all in the pool and ruin the vacuum all exterior doors where gauge or bent out of shape i could go on i have over 500 pics of all the things that where wrong if interested in seeing some feel free to email at

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring.

Monetary Loss: $45000.

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Do not let them get away with it. Contact the BBB, the bonding company for Empire, and the state contractors licensing board, and maybe an attorney. The media does not hurt either.


clearly someone trying to get something for free,. and someone trying to get you to click on that link at the end to be hacked


This has got to be the best review I have read in a long time. How could this much happen to one person?

This whole paragraph is just one sentence with no punctuation! I am still going to call Empire.