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Madine, our mission is to make beautiful new floors easy for all of our customers. We accomplish this mission by putting our customers first and working with a sense of urgency to address all of our customer concerns.
We want to make this right for you. Please contact us so that we can begin working towards a resolution together.
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Update by user Dec 02, 2020

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement. Empire Today resolved all issues regarding my hardwood flooring by redoing my entire kitchen flooring and leveling it out to match the rest of the flooring, as well as, the other minor issues. I am now a satisfied customer..

Original review posted by user Nov 02, 2020

Very Frustrated and Disappointed!

My husband and I met with Sales Representative for a consultation in mid July 2020, for wood flooring for my entire upper level, stairs and foyer, and, LVT flooring for three bathrooms. Got approved and installation was scheduled for the next day.

The kitchen flooring is not leveled with the other flooring, about 1/4 inch higher, and where the refrigerator is, the wood does not meet up to the kitchen cabinet. In the master bedroom, there is a portion of the flooring where you can still see the subflooring because the wood is not appropriately connected to the other wood flooring, as well as pieces of the shoe molding were left just square without adding the rounding pieces to make it complete. I reported my concerns to Empire, along with work to replace a few baseboards/shoe molding that were damaged when I got some doors replaced, which I was willing to pay for those repairs. I spoke with my assigned representative, who scheduled for someone to come out to access what needed to be done.

The foreman, who did the initial install came and took pictures of the repairs that I was going to pay for, as well as, the concerns that I had with the initial installation (space gapping with the flooring in the bedroom and the kitchen not being leveled with the other flooring) throughout the upper level. The representative contacted a few days later and I was quoted $544 to fix the repairs that were damaged, not fault of theirs. I received an install date and when the installers came, they did not have all the material to fix all the repairs that I agreed to pay for. I mentioned to them my concerns about how my kitchen flooring was not leveled and they agreed, took pictures, called their supervisor, and, said that they'd get back to me.

For the second time, I received another install date, and, again, they only came to do the repairs that I agreed to pay for, and, did not have all the material to complete the job. I spoke with the representative and reported the same issues. For a third time, the cycle repeated itself with the same result, took pictures and agreed that the flooring was not done properly. I informed the representative of my disappointment and how dissatisfied with the outcome of nothing being done to rectify the issues with my flooring.

After weeks of going back and forth, I requested that a Supervisor come to see the work that was done, and, to see if my issues/concerns and fixed to my satisfaction, took pictures and nothing was done. I mentioned that we're paying almost $15,000 for the flooring, and, that we are not satisfied customers of the work that has been performed. She indicated that she did not see where an inspection was completed on file after the flooring was installed, and, I agreed, so she scheduled an inspection. When the contractor came out to access our concerns, we were informed that the kitchen flooring was not leveled because pieces of our subfloors were damaged, which was not brought to our attention, on the day of the install.

I said to the contractor, both me and my husband were here doing the installation, and, why was it not brought to our attention? We are not the professionals, so how are we to know! He stated that they would have had to take up our cabinets in order to fix the problem, which I disagreed to. After that, I was contacted by my assigned representative, who informed me that the contractor said that there was nothing that they could do to rectify the problem, and, that the contractor for Empire said that they were willing to take off $200, and, I told her that that was unacceptable, and, for the amount of money that we're paying for the floors.

It seems as though they are finding ways to make excuses as to why they don't want to resolve their mistakes. For the fifth time, on October 22, 2020, two more installers came and had only two pieces of baseboards to repair (for $544.00) and I said absolutely not. They again took pictures of all the problem areas, agreed that the flooring was not leveled, called their Supervisor, to report all the issues, and, he asked if could speak with me, which, I did, and, he assured me that they would resolve all of my issues/concerns.

I have attempted to reach out to the supervisor, twice, and, left messages, and, has yet to receive a call back. I have also sent the representative two emails, in which she provided would be the best way to contact her, but, has yet to hear back from her, as well.

I am looking forward to a resolution to address my concerns/issues with the hardwood flooring, or, a full refund.


Valerie Blalock

Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

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