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We have recently read your post from 2008 and although some time has elapsed, we would like to address any concerns you have with our company. Empire has been the leading provider of installed home improvements and home furnishings for over 50 years Empire Today has been a leading provider of installed home improvements and home furnishings for Over 50 Years. We provide quality, name-brand products to our customers across the United States. If you are interested in reaching out to us, you can email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 ext. 3369. Gina Cielocha, Marketing & Communications Manager
Aliso Viejo, California

I recently left Empire and wasn't paid around $500 commission owed. I concur exactly with what another ex-contractor said in that they are a complete rip-off (whatever the market will bear).

They bury finance costs, area rugs, and whatever else they can get away with so I left with some of my dignity intact.

Stay far away from this company as they are nothing but an advertising jingle with low quality polyester carpet that they sell at nylon prices. If they won't even pay former contractors what their owed do you think they care about the customer?

Monetary Loss: $500.

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:( A former contractor myself, the law ought to look into some of the scams & rip-offs; I think they would find their business practices very interesting. Half-Off Sale?

Half off of what? There is not enough room here to list, but take it from someone that was on the "inside", run, don't walk, away from Empire Today.


freinds and me work for them many tims pay somtim not pay lotta tim\

lotta bad