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Empire Today - Poor installation and customer service!!

Dear Marharyta,
We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention, and are disappointed to hear about your experience. Our records show that we have addressed this matter and have scheduled an upcoming service for you. If you continue to have questions or concerns please contact us at customersupport@empire-today.com.
Thank you,
-ET Customer Support
#989248 Review #989248 is a subjective opinion of poster.
  • Job quality
Reason of review
Warranty issue
Preferred solution
Full refund

Have carpet installed by Empire Today,and it is still under warranty.Sales rep.,Rebecca,reassured us that we will have seamless carpet.Now we are having BIG PROBLEM with it - seams are not just showing,they are falling apart!!! I called the Customer Service 3 times in last two weeks,they told me that someone will contact me back from local office regardless this issue,but NO ONE DID.I also wanted to order laminate for my kitchen from them ,but after what is going on I will never do business again with them!!!And I will contact Better Business Bureau about this issue ,and I will make sure that I will tell all my friends about them!! Never again,Empire Today,never again!!!!!!

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Empire Today - Horrible company

Dear Lindsey,
Your concerns are important to us, and our records show that we have addressed your concerns. If you continue to have questions please contact customersupport@empiretoday.com.
Thank you.
#885751 Review #885751 is a subjective opinion of poster.
  • Way the installation went and the end product
  • Sales person tactics
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Full refund

We were told by the salesperson that we would have our carpets installed in one day. The one worker did not show up until noon the first day and we are in day 3 and no one has even shown up to finish.

The job done looks horrible. There are seems everywhere that don't match. I called customer service and they tried to issue a $75 for the inconvenience. They have no installers to finish the job and are not even sure when they come come out.

We are canceling the payment to Empire on American Express. Do not use them.

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Dear Customer,

We have read your review and sincerely regret that your installation was not completed as scheduled. We want to help address your concerns, but unfortunately are unable to locate your account with the information given.

Please contact us at customersupport@empiretoday.com for further assistance.

Thank you.

-ET Customer Support

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Empire Today - Empire Flooring

Dear Iris,
We regret to read your post, but understand that we have since completed a product replacement for you. For any future concerns please direct to customersupport@empiretoday.com.
Thank you.
#873653 Review #873653 is a subjective opinion of poster.
  • Nightmare
  • Installers not knowledgeable
Reason of review
Bad quality

My luxury tiles were installed in Feb. 2015.

The installers did not speak English which made it really hard to communicate, at one point I spoke to the 10 year old son who translated for his Dad. Empire was impossible to reach. When you call them you are getting a call center. In Feb.

2016 three tiles were replaced, surprise the corners are lifting again because the floor was never prepared properly. All of my kitchen tiles are cracked. Empire will replace 20 tiles. Some of the Armstrong tiles were defective, lots of luck contacting them.

A local tile place said Empire would take care of it since I bought the tile from them. Not so. Please just go to Home Depot, Lowe's or a local flooring place. The original installers no longer work for Empire.

This is such a nightmare. I have an open concept so when they replace tiles it looks like a checkerboard. I can't believe they are not taking responsibility for this nightmare. I will be more than happy to provide photo's of the damaged tiles.

Please don't use Empire or Armstrong products.

I am now contacting the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau. Really tried to resolve this issue with Empire.


Hi, I also had a ban experience with empire please let me know how things work out for you with the better business bureau because I'm thinking of doing the same thing if they do not respond to my situation soon


Hello Aubrey,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We regret the level of service that you received and would like to help make things right for you.

Unfortunately, we cannot locate your account with the information given.

Please send your contact information to customersupport@empiretoday.com so that we can follow up with you.

Thank you.

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Empire Today - Forced to Prepay for materials that were not used and 2 months later still no refund

Dear Christina,
We have read your concerns and apologize for the initial lack of communication that you received. We are aware that we processed your accommodation in March, 2015. If you continue to have questions or concerns please contact us at customersupport@empiretoday.com.
Thank you.
#613153 Review #613153 is a subjective opinion of poster.
  • Horrible customer service
Reason of review
Problems with payment

We purchased and had vinyl flooring installed on 02/05/2015. We were told we had to pay ahead of time for the luan which is what they put over the existing floor IF it needs it.

We were told the installers would make that call. When they came out to install the vinyl we were told by the installation team the original flooring was fine and they would not need to use the luan. They told us that we could call the next day and get a refund for the $400+ we prepaid for it. No problem with installation or flooring.

I called CS next day and right off no one was able to pull any of my information.

They kept saying they had to contact the installation team. They took my contact info and said someone would call me soon. I waited a week and called again, I had to give them all the info over because they couldn't find the notes in their system. Still no one knew anything of a refund and said the same thing they would have to speak to the installation team and call me back.

I got tired of waiting and called them back probably within a week of two (NO ONE EVER CALLS BACK). I was transferred to some random persons voicemail. I left a message explaining our problem and asking for a call back...nothing. I called again a couple days later with the same response....which was starting to get really old...someone would call me back within 1 business day.

FINALLY someone named Bill called and wouldn't you know it, he wasn't at the office that day and would have to get back to me...and shockingly Bill must have fallen off the face of the Earth because I never heard from him. On 03/12/2015 I called and FINALLY got someone who knew something about our refund. She said we were owed $432.25 and that they would issue a check which would come in the mail within 2 weeks. She said that they would submit this claim for processing that day.

Well tomorrow is 2 weeks and still nothing. I called today and they confirmed the claim was processed but are now telling me that it can take until 04/02/2015...funny because it didn't take 2 months for my check to be cashed...Apparently they are sending it via UPS...but cant give me a tracking number. I have had it, I'm tired of calling CS and no body knows anything, you can NEVER talk to a manager and what's worse NO ONE ever calls you back.

Buyers BEWARE. Save yourself the money and headache go somewhere else.

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Hi Christina, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We regret the delay in your refund, and we understand that we’ve spoken with you and advised that we are expediting the refund.

We will continue to follow up with you until you receive the refund, so we can confirm that you are completely satisfied.

Thank you. Jeanette Ramey, National Customer Service Manager

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Empire Today - Awful sales person. Rude dumb whispering calling me nervous.

Hi Shelly, we were disappointed to read about your sales appointment, as this is not the experience we expect for our customers. We never want our customers to feel uncomfortable, and we would like the opportunity to make things right for you. We understand that we’ve scheduled a new appointment for you, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. You can reach us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Jeanette Ramey, National Customer Service Manager
#546842 Review #546842 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Poor customer service

I ordered an estimate from empire today. A sales rep came. He worked in Orlando and his name was Paul j. Older male shorter. From the beginning he was just strange rude and weird. He gave no sales presentation. He kept telling me I seemed nervous which was *** and made no sense. He kept asking me are you nervous?! U seem nervous. I continued saying no and what? He gave no sales presentation at all and whispered the entire time. Oh yes he was mumbling and whispering. When he got on the phone I heard him talk loud but then he whispered again. A sales rep whispering? I work in sales and u better believe I talk loud and concisely with energy and enthusiasm and I don't accuse people of being nervous.

He continued telling me I was nervous and I ignored him. I was calculating prices on my phone and he said rudely who are you talking to?!! Again huh? wtf is he talking about. He said are u talking to your parents. Again why the heck is he even asking this and is it any of his business?! I said im calculating something. He was rude weird *** strange. As he was mumbling he said oops I'm mumbling again. Again wtf?! Just so crazy. Then as he was leaving again he accused me of being nervous. Usually when someone does that they're projecting how they feel onto the other person. I said well ur the one who seemed nervous. Then he said he was only nervous because I was. Again a big huh?! Then he said rudely. Look at the distance between us as if my standing a few feet behind him was abnormal and indicated nervousness. His behavior was ludicrous and bizarre. Definitely not one of a normal person or sales rep. He wasn't trying to sell me anything just basically put me down and be rude and weird any chance he could. Just a bad weird experience. Empire was nice and rescheduled but really wtf was that about.

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But really stay away from this retard and don't let him in your home he has some major issues

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Empire Today - Scammers

Matt, we’ve recently spoken to you about this issue, and have come to a resolution. We regret any inconvenience that occurred, as we always want our customers to be completely satisfied with the service that they receive. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
#327571 Review #327571 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I just want to let EVERYONE know of my beyond horrible experience with Empire today. I have been a long time repeat Customer who has spent $40-$50k with them over the last 5 years between my two homes.

Everything in our first house went perfect, couldn't have asked for more. Our second home, trouble from day one. We stuck with them though because they always stood behind their product and gave discounts when appropriate (like when it took almost 1 year to get our Plantation Shutters), so we continued. Just recently they installed hardwood floor in our family room and master bedroom, at first we were very pleased, so please in fact we had them come back and install hardwood in our guest room and our upstairs hallway.

Well after a week or so, I guess once all the glue was completely dry we started to find boards that were loose, hollow underneath (no glue) and that our floor was very wavy. After numerous calls and complaints they finally sent a "supervisor" to see the work. he agreed it was not done properly and they agreed to tear up almost 600 square feet and replace at their expense. Since they stood behind their product we decided to extend the hardwood into our front foyer.

When the crew finally showed to start the tear out they sent two people (2), only 2 to tear up 600 feet and reinstall that plus another 200 (ish) square feet which had tile that had to be torn up as before they could start. The installers were great, very apologetic and worked long hours to try to please us and get the job done as quickly as possible. After day one very little progress was made as this is such a chore to tear up hardwood, worse then tile and much more of a mess. I called and was told we would receive a credit and that also an additional crew would be sent the following day to speed things up.

Well, needless to say, no additional people were sent to speed things up nor was a credit issued. Saturday morning comes, tile is torn up for the additional work and the installers come and say we must pay before they could start to lay down the wood. So I call the office and am told that even though 4 days had passed since I was told I would receive a credit, no one had decided how much it would be and that I needed to pay the full price or the installers would be sent home. Well, I got pissed, rightfully so, I believe because no one had done their job and decided on how much the credit would be.

So after multiple arguments with multiple "managers" and me becoming increasingly angry I lost my temper and yelled/screamed, ranted and raved to no avail. FINALLY after all these calls, the original "manager" who had said the floor would need to be redone calls me. I of course have a major attitude and he asked why. I replied that you know exactly why and that if you had returned one of my phone calls over the last 5 days he would know exactly what was going on.

I lost it with him and hung up on him. He later called me back and we argued, then he called me a Pr^&ck. So the call process began again and I called everyday trying to speak with a manager who could actually make a decision on what my credit should be and to complain that I was called a Pr^&ck by their "Manager" i was told everyday from the 13th of June until the 25th of June that the General Manager would be calling me, he never did until finally yesterday after another Manager (who was very nice named matthew) called and spoke with me first. He then said the GM would call me in the afternoon and he basically had been waiting to call me since my last encounter with the excellent customer service people tuned out so well.

So yesterday afternoon Brian, the "GM" calls me and plays (maybe he wasn't playing) *** and tells me he has been unaware of the issues and that he did not know he was supposed to call me, even though no less then 5 managers at this point had specifically said he would be calling me. So after he calls and (plays ***) he informs me he has to call me the following day (today) which to my amazement, he did. he informs me he will give me a whopping credit of $50/day x 3 which I told him was not ok, he replied that is his standard credit. So my question is, is a Consumer who has spent $40-$50k and still has a pending order of $4700 a "standard" client or should I receive something more?

For 4 days we were unable to use our home due to the mess created by fixing their poor installation, our Children had to stay in their rooms, our cats and dogs had to be locked up in a bedroom and I was unable to work from the dust and jackhammers being used (I work from home). I asked for a $500 credit which I believe to be more then fair, especially from a Consumer who has spent so much money with them and repeatedly used them and sent them business. He then said that was all he was going to do and asked if he could help with anything else. I then exchanged a few unkind words and hung up.

Moral of the story - DON'T use EMPIRE TODAY, they could careless about their Clients and will scr#$w you the second they get the chance. They are a horrible company and a Nationwide Company who could careless about you, the Consumers that keep them in business. Our installers had told me it had been nearly two weeks since the last job they had from Empire Today, you would think in a slow market they would take that extra step to make you happy. THEY WON'T, they could CARELESS about you and only want to get your money, then churn and burn you.

This is the reason that the excellent Management that used to be there when I had work done from them previously are all gone. Spend your hard earned money on a local small "Mom and Pop" company who actually cares about you, your satisfaction and your business.

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Empire - Not worthy of BBB Rating

Alton, we understand that we’ve been in contact with you and that your installation has been completed. While it’s unfortunate that your experience did not initially meet your expectations, we’re glad that we’ve been able to work with you to resolve the issues that occurred during your installation. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-588-2315x4195 or email us at customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
#313757 Review #313757 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Empire sell inferior products, in my case carpeting hoping you don't notice and then tried to cover it up. I had an installer from Empire with some integrity and he suggested that I not accept the carpet.

He did his best to correct the defect but Empire refuses to accept responsibility. I paid for a full room of carpet but the roll from the manufacturer was short and they tried to patch the alreay defective piece. They now refuse to accept phones calls from me or the installer in Orlando. I called the corporate to express my concerns.

They offered a small token refund for the installer being 2 1/2 horus late for appointed time for install. Now this problem with inferior products still exists and they refuse to let installer complete the job. My master bedroom is now on my back porch for 3 days with storms approaching. The instllation manager and coordinator in the Orlando should be fired as I have never been mistreated they way empire has done for this capet installation.


Clerk, National Customer Care Manager at Empire without and return calls from her. Once I get this resolved, probably through Small Claims Court, never again will I do business with Empire.

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Promises broken!

Mr. and Mrs. Teague, As a member of Empire’s National Customer Service Team I would like to apologize for the problem you experienced during your installation. I understand that your family was inconvenienced during a time that was already stressful, and we are truly sorry for that. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we want to work to make things right. I have located your account information and see that our local market is working with you toward a resolution. If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact me directly at customersupport@empiretoday.com or call 888-588-2315, ext. 4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
#195949 Review #195949 is a subjective opinion of poster.

We were alarmed to find the carpet in our "new" used house not the way we remembered when we looked at the house prior to buying it (this was on a Thurs.). It was trashed.

Our movers were due to bring our stuff on Saturday. We called Empire, after having seen/heard all the commercials about their next day delivery. The salesman came out Friday and promised that our carpet would be installed the next day on Sat. We called the movers and asked if they could come Monday instead.

Lo and behold, no carpet on Sat. We were told that, "The wrong code was entered into the computer", and the carpet didn't get delivered. Instead the carpet came on Monday-- at the same time as the movers. Needless to say, the movers were pissed and we ended up with almost all of our household goods put into our garage, instead of actually into the house where they belonged.

We were promised that we would be "compensated". Nothing. My husband has called several times and spoke with several different people. When asked what we wanted, we have suggested several things to which we always get the reply, "I can't do that."

We are a military family who moves every three years.

Moving is stressful enough. We were relying on Empire to get us what we needed, but what we got was more stress and chaos.

I am hoping that the word gets out, so that it does not happen to any one else. We do not need the extra stress.

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Empire Misrepresenting its Customers!!

I’ve read your post and would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience with us and our installation team. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Customer satisfaction and satisfaction with the service you received is extremely important to us. Since I’m unable to locate your information on file based on the information that was provided in the post, if you’re available, please feel free to send me an email customersupport@empiretoday.com or you can also reach me via phone, 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk – National Customer Service Manager.
#149947 Review #149947 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I wish I had done the effort to review Empire first before buying from them, it would had saved me a nightmare and a lot of money!!

Even the salesman stated that: "Buy One Room, Get Two Free is not what is seems". Unfortunately, this commercial misguided me! Having great experiences with Lowes, Home Depot and a mom-and-pop carpet store in the past for different properties, I should have stayed with them. Empire is nothing comparing to above businesses!

The crew (contracters hired by Empire so they escape Workers Comp and all insurances) was downright rude and unprofessional. My son, daughter-in-law and myself were following up the work, but I was stunned when my daughter-in-law informed my the crew was talking in a not so very nice way about us in Spanish! It became very clear that our presence was not wanted, of course not, as we could witness the "PATCHWORK" that we received!!

The misery started already from the beginning: the carpet colors the've brought was a mix up: the color ordered for the bedrooms is now installed in the living room and vica versa. For hours, we couldn't reach the salesman... because he was "in classes." But, of course, it all seemed to be the fault of the customer. The living room came last to install and soon it was clear the piece of carpet had wrong measurements: the crew went back and forth, measuring, scratching their hair... measuring again.Upon my question or everything was OK, I received a dirty look and the statement "that everything was correct"... did they assume I'm simple??? To make a long story short, we observed our brand new carpet layed out completely on the road (???), from end-to-end and corner-to corner and have pics to prove this, while the crew was walking back and forth on it with dirty shoes, measuring for the hundred time. Needless to tell we have a patchwork living room new, small pieces of carpet were used to fill up spaces with large and small rectangles.

To my horror, we spotted three small black spots, what seemed to me like oil from a car. But again, this also was OUR fault! Although the fact that we were wearing socks only on the carpet, and were not the ones rolling the carpet over the road and walking over it with dirty shoes, we were blamed for it. We even received a phonecall from "customer service" to stay out of the house until the work (read: "mess") was finished???????? I beg you pardon?? See, I'm a business owner myself and I know very well that, if I would treat my customers this way, tomorrow I would have no customer left over.

Empire, you've made it so clear: from the moment you have our monies, you couldn't care less anymore!!! I can conclude only one thing, you should be ashamed and a letter to the BBB WILL follow!


The only thing I did enjoy was the horror on the faces of the crew when they discovered my daughter-in law understands and speaks Spanish fluently!

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Rip off

I have read your comments and recent post. I apologize you were not satisfied with your carpet purchase. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we do our best to provide a resolution to customers that experience problems. We offer quality, name-brand products from leading manufacturers and work with each customer to select a product to fit their needs. All of our products are also backed by an installation and manufacturer warranties. I would like the opportunity to speak with you about your experience and any concerns you have regarding our company. Please contact me directly at customersupport@empiretoday.com or via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
#135591 Review #135591 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Don't get ripped off by Empire Today, do some online research first and you will see just how bad they are. Very, very poor quality products!! Their policy of installing the very next day isn't really a good thing, it's used to prevent the customer from researching what Empire Today is really about and also shopping around. In my case I requested and paid for premium grade carpet only to have cheap *** installed. After a year of no return calls, transfer to other customer service managers and the over all run around, they offered to sell me more carpet to replace the cheap stuff they installed. Needless to say I wasn't falling for that and giving them one more dime. I filed complaints with both BBB and Florida Dept. of Consumer Services with no results (neither did anything - joke) but it was important to me to warn other consumers. I encourage anyone that has had a bad experience with Empire Today to share it, maybe you can save someone else from getting ripped off.



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Glad I read your reviews, since I am in the market for carpeting. You definitely steered me away from contacting Empire Today, and I will be looking elsewhere for my needs!

Thanks again for your comments!

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Do Not Buy Carpet from Empire

I've read your information that was posted and your concerns with your carpet installation. I was also able to locate you in our system. It appears that we have reached a resolution on your concern. All of our products are installed by professional installers and backed by manufacturer product and installation warranties. If there are problems with the product or installation, we will work with the customer on identifying the concern and assisting in providing a resolution.Please feel free to contact me at customersupport@empiretoday.com or via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195 if you have additional questions or problems. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we want to be sure you are happy with your purchase. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
#132436 Review #132436 is a subjective opinion of poster.

The installation of my carpet was amateur - the carpet was not flush with the marble floor it met. When the inspector came he said it was fine and there was nothing he could do.

I had to submit photographs to the main office and they finally sent a man out to fix it. But now, nearly a year later, I continue to find fluff in the vacuum cleaner -lots and lots of carpet fluff! Lots of it!! Clearly the carpet itself is of poor quality even though I was sold their "best".

Empire isn't even that cheap. Don't fall for Empire just because they install quickly.

Wait a bit for installation and get a good job and a good carpet. I wish I had.

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try not being able to use the brand new vacuum you bought because there are so many loose pieces that create pulls in your carpet. Next time I'll do more homework before I buy something this expensive.

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