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Empire Today the saga continues

Yvonne, we’ve attempted to contact you so that we can discuss your concerns and the results of your inspection, but we have not yet heard back from you. Please call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at, and we’ll follow back with you to discuss the situation in more detail. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Empire Today Flooring

Update by user May 21, 2012

Just wanted to update you all on the latest with all of this lest you think I had just faded into the sunset. Basically the deal is this, I have to find a certified flooring inspector and pay them out of my pocket to come in and do another inspection.

Since I believe the previous inspection was slanted toward Empire because they paid for it and it was a company they obviously do a lot of business with, this is my only option other to get them to replace THEIR bad flooring. I have called several inspectors and they all charge between $200 and $300 not the $60 that Empire said it would be. Another red flag, if that\'s all they paid then they must do volume business with these people to get that kind of price. I have also written to Wells Fargo who financed the flooring, although I have paid the larger amount of this and there is only a small balance left unpaid, I am desperately hoping they will refund me the amount paid.

I really believe the best solution is to rip this flooring up and replace it with flooring from a company OTHER than Empire. All I can say folks is please save yourself the heartache and buy from someone else.

Update by user Apr 27, 2012

Rebekah I don\'t know who you are but you really need to stop posting these canned replies that have no basis of truth to them. I have spoken to your customer service and it certainly has never been to you since I have never heard of you other that on these post.

In any case it appears I have two threads going on here which I didn\'t realize but the more people know about how bad your flooring is, the better as far as I am concerned. I think you all are a bunch of crooks, you take people\'s money, you install inferior quality flooring and then you say the problem is environmental and you\'ll work with me on the price of replacing the flooring???? Are you insane???? Why would I replace bad flooring with more bad flooring and keep giving you my money?

Why would you want to install more flooring that is only going to do the same thing, the environment hasn\'t changed, nothing has changed so the issues I have now would only come back. You get people with your ads, every two minutes there is an Empire ad on TV and you rope people in. I only hope more people find these complaints, I sure wish I had. I wouldn\'t have come anywhere near you guys and I wouldn\'t be faced with having to tear out flooring that is barely six months old.

I wouldn\'t be faced with having to spend twice the amount of money.

You should be ashamed of your business practices. Buyer beware!

Update by user Apr 20, 2012

Finally got a message today from customer service but still have no resolution to the ongoing issue. Their flooring is very poor quality, they misrepresent the quality be aware if you live in Florida DO NOT buy their laminate flooring.

They will tell you that you have too much moisture although they never tell you anything during the sales process nor do they measure you home for moisture. An up front company would come out, check the moisture content and if it is above what their manufacturer allows tell you their flooring was not right for you. Instead they took my money and now that there is a problem I am hearing moisture caused the flooring to expand. Really????

I am so frustrated with this company has anyone had a positive outcome?

They come on here and post some BS response that is meant to give you all the impression they are doing something when in fact all they are doing is giving you the run around. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Original review posted by user Apr 18, 2012

Just an update to this continuing saga with Empire Today and another post to make sure consumers know what they are getting into when buying flooring from these people. After speaking with their customer service supervisor it was decided that they would send an "independent" inspection company out to access the situation.

I am not sure I'm convinced how unbiased these people are but figured it was a good place to start. I have just received the report and I can't say I'm shocked to learn that the problem is all environmentally created and not installation related. According to this 'independent' inspector the problem is moisture related. So here is the question I have, if Empire flooring is so sensitive to moisture why was a moisture reading not taken prior to selling and installing their floors.

I would think if you sell floors in the state of Florida and know that moisture is an issue you would make sure the environment meets your standards. No such reading was ever taken, salesman never mentioned it either. So now what? Well we will see what BS they feed me next but be warned...if you live in the state of Florida make sure they measure your moisture before installing their flooring.

I have floors in the back part of the house for over 10 years never had a problem.

Better yet folks look elsewhere and save yourself the hassles I am going through. Home Depot and Lowe's sell good flooring that never give problems, don't buy from Empire.

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Empire Today Flooring A Rip Off!

Yvonne, thank you for bringing your concerns with your product to our attention, we always want to work with our customers so that they are satisfied with their entire experience. We’ve spoken to you in more detail about the issues you’ve been experiencing and have agreed to schedule an inspection. If you have any questions about this process, please call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Empire Today Flooring

Update by user Apr 27, 2012

Hey Rebekah whoever you are I have never gotten a message from you so I don\'t know who you\'ve been contacting. Folks here is the update with this.

I didn\'t realize I could keep this thread going and I posted another one with the continuing saga. To make a very long story short and to keep my blood pressure at minimum here is the deal; Empire says they are willing to work with me on the price should I want to replace my flooring...HAHA! Are you kidding me???? Why on Earth would I keep throwing good money after bad and replace their poor quality flooring with more of it.

Further more if the problem is all environmental (which is what they claim) then why would they want to replace the flooring with more of the same? Since it is all environmental wouldn\'t it just happen all over again?

My question is this, why, if their flooring has a ceiling for the amount of moisture or humidity it can handle was a moisture test never done prior to install? My regret is not finding these post before I spent all that money that I am now from the looks of things have to spend all over again to rip their *** out and replace it.

Original review posted by user Mar 27, 2012

I had new laminate flooring installed by Empire Today late last year, since then the floor has started to show evidence of buckling in many places, in particular the moldings by all the entrances into the room. You can feel the floor moving under your feet as you step into the room from each entrance.

I contacted the company and they sent their Installation Manager out to check for "moisture", this of course being the loop hole they use to get out of replacing materials that are apparently of poor construction. I have laminate flooring that I purchased from Home Depot over 10 years ago in the other half of the house, I have never had an issue.

First the installation manager tried to tell me it was a floating floor and it was meant to feel that way. Then she said, she didn't see anything, she didn't feel anything. Then it was oh, the floors don't hold up well to humidity, do you run your air?

They sell flooring in the state of Florida where we have 110% humidity, are you kidding me? Of course all these excuses were never mentioned during the sales process. Finally when none of her excuses would fly she said, you must have a moisture problem. Out comes the instrument which she proceeded to place against the walls of the house, she searched and she searched until she found one small area under the window in the living room that gave an inconsistent reading.

When she could find the highest reading she proceeded to take pictures.

She left telling me they would come back and replace all the moldings and threshold pieces.

They are due tomorrow and tonight she calls to tell me that the only way they will replace everything at no charge is if I sign a release. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, they product is no good and their service is worse!

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Service for Empire today is the worst

Linda, we truly apologize for the lack of follow up you’ve received about your product repairs and for your missed repair appointment. It’s our understanding that our installer spoke with you recently and that an appointment was rescheduled for this coming Saturday, October 1st. If there are any questions or concerns you may have before or after this time, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at We’re always here to help. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Empire Today Flooring

I had Empire install Laminate flooring around a year ago....recently i noticed a piece was chipping...It has taken til now..4 months later and i am no where.... they sent an inspector twice both times giving me different reasons and excuses even though it is 10 yr guaranteed....finally they approved it and they keep setting up appointments to fix it and they never show up...the worst customer service in the world...Pretty much once they take your money you are on your own.

i have never seen anything like this. so sorry i ever used them

Linda, Deerfield Beach, fl.

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Empire Today in Miami, Florida - Empire Carpet is a total Fraud

We apologize that you did not have a positive experience with your in-home estimate. It is Empire’s goal to make home improvements as convenient as possible for our customers. If there are any issues that arise, we will work with customers to be sure they are satisfied. Although you did not have product installed, I would like the opportunity to follow up with you to learn more about your experience. Since we do not have your contact information, please feel free to email us at or call 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Empire Today Flooring

I contact Empire Carpet for an in-home estimate. The salesman, Sarkis, told me they could get me approved, no problem. He did not show me how he got the ridiculously high estimate, just the total amount. He also told me how bad my place looked.

Someone from Empire called me on the day I was to cancel the contract and told me that I had been approved and scheduled an installation.

When the installer came out, NOT FROM EMPIRE, he wanted cash! I told him I had been approved for financing. I called my salesman who told me, "yes I had been approved and he would call the manager." Then some guy from finance called me and said I had not been approved and this has never happened before. Right!

I'm SO GLAD they did not install anything for me. The workman started touching my valuable items to move them without my authorization and the foreman said he couldn't do the whole floor - I would have to paint some of it. What? That would have looked horrible.