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Dear Melissa,
We appreciate you making us aware of your concerns. We understand that we have spoken to you in regards to this matter. If you continue to have questions please contact us at
Thank you.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

In Spring, 2013 Empire installed a defective and inferior hardwood floor that was later found to be OVERPRICED. Within the first year cracks appeared on the boards and continued to worsen.

An inspection was completed and determined that "the particular lot of floor boards was defective". I was told other customers with the same flooring had experienced "worse results" than mine. Empire replaced the floor with an "upgraded" product in Spring, 2014. To my surprise and dismay in Feb, 2015 (less than a yr) cracks appeared in the new "upgraded" floor.

Another inspection was done in February. Humidity readings were not an issues both times. My thermostat is regulated between 68-74 degrees. I am careful to clean the floor with a dry Swiffer and to wipe up spills right away.

It was interesting to hear one of the inspectors mention "possibly too thin of a veneer, your home has settled so no concern there, and no moisture issues." They even noticed a board that led them to question the installation and stated they would check with the installers to see what type of equipment they used. They said they would get back to me and did not. I called and was told that the cracked boards would be replaced (12-16 at that time). However after 2 CANCELLED appt by Empire to replace boards, 12-16 boards became 40-45, along with boards that now wave, sink and split (I have pics).

Empire had an independent inspector come out April, 2015 (very unprofessional, rude and 4-5 calls to sched a time that worked for HIM). Of course, no one called me back after the inspection and I followed up with Empire, beginning of May 2015. I was told that the boards were sched to be replaced. I inquired about the inspection and was not given the results.

I then stated "so, you are going to replace 40-45 boards now in a dining/living room, hallway, and 2 bedrooms?" (This has the beginning of a total replacement!) I was then transferred to the General Manager. He scheduled an appt to inspect the floor himself. He was timely and stated he would do what he can. He genuinely seemed concerned.

It was FINALLY decided the floor would be replaced AGAIN (3rd time) and that the only thing they ask is that I do not chose the same product. That was no problem! Install was sched for 6/24-6/26/2015 (3-4 weeks ahead of time to avoid any problems with product not being here and getting the right installers). The product was delivered to my home on 6/19 to acclimate (this had not been done the other 2x) and the installers stated they would see me on the 24th between 7:30-8:30 am.

I arranged to take time off from work (3 days). This is on top of the previous time taken off to "replace boards" that was twice scheduled. To my dismay I was called around 7:30am on the day of installation stating the installers would NOT BE AVAILABLE! My house is prepped for a floor to be installed (furniture moved downstairs, etc).

No reason was given except that the installer is unable to make it. This is UNACCEPTABLE! I was told I would be reimbursed for my work loss for the day but will not hold my breath. I asked for a refund of my original purchase and was told this is NOT possible.

I left messages with the General Manager on 6/24 as to what would be acceptable to me for install and FINALLY a message was left on my voice mail at 5:44 pm stating he "was out of the office all day but working on finding installers to install my floor on 6/25 but that it didn't look good and most likely will need to be resched" and that he "will call me as soon as he finds something out." On 6/27, I am still waiting for a phone call! I didn't realize they cancelled ALL 3 days! The bridge is now burned! At this point the only resolution is a full refund so I can go to a reputable company that provides a quality product and quality service.

Today I brought the EMPIRE product sample to a local flooring expert and was AMAZED at the poor quality of Empire's floor! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING FROM EMPIRE

Reason of review: Inferior Product and same day cancelled installs causing loss of work time.

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7-13-15 Update

The BBB contacted me today inquiring if I will be accepting Empire Today's settlement.

How can I accept a settlement when I am still waiting for the settlement agreement to be e-mailed to me?

E-mail was confirmed with Margaret B. At Empire on 7-7-15. Is e-mail now slower than the United States Postsal Service?

I guess so. Will update everyone again.


Update 7/9/15

Empire posted in regards to my complaint stating they have contacted me regarding a resolution. This is true.

On 7/2/15 Mike B. the General Manager of Empire Today in Eagan, MN contacted me to inform me he will start the "process for a refund" which goes to the top of their business at the senior executive level and legal department. My request is for a full refund of $9,895.00 to replace the poor quality flooring in two bedrooms, hallway, closets, dining room and living room with a quality product. This amount DOES NOT include several days missed from work for cancelled installations (3x total) not to mention all the time I have put in moving furniture and items on 3 separate occasions in the past 2+ years.

Hopefully, Empire Today will do the honest and right thing as they state they provide "World Class Customer Service Before and After Installation."

I was contacted on 7/7/14 by Margaret B. who left a voice mail message requesting verification of my e-mail address so that the legal department can provide me with a "settlement agreement". To return her call, she left me the main 1-800 number without an extension, in which, I happily (sarcastic, of course) went through the process of tracking down her phone extension. I thought to myself, thank God, I remembered her last name from a conversation with Mike.

As an aside, I have to say that Mike is the only person I have dealt with at this company who appears professional and willing to resolve the issue with me directly. I can respect this and hope he continues to do so to final resolution.

It is now 7/9/15 and no e-mail has been sent and believe me, I have checked every e-mail folder. Every week, I have new cracks and splitting of wood with rough edges that socks are getting stuck on (this is new) that appear on my floor.

Humidity readings remain consistent between 42-48. I, of course, continue to take pictures of my floor and humidity readings (just in case). Very frustrating to see this floor fail. I have no idea what to expect with the "settlement agreement".

I will continue to update on consumer sites my story as I feel it is important for consumers to be aware of the resolution process with Empire-Today.

More to come....



I am glad this review is helpful. This has been a long 2+ year journey.

It is sad that it took posting on websites and to the BBB to get anyone to listen. It is a blessing THEY cancelled my installation so I could compare products and find what a quality product looks like. I was amazed! I just want to advise reading as many reviews as possible and wish I had done so prior to this nightmare.

Flooring is a huge purchase and should expect nothing less that A+ service and honesty. Good luck to you.


Thank you for providing me with this information. This, along with the other terrible reviews on numerous sites, has caused me to re-think giving them my company's business.

I hope others do the same before they end up in the same predicament as you. Again, thank you for your help!

to Anonymous #1004961

It’s disappointing that you’ve read negative reviews, but we can assure you that we take customer concerns very seriously. We are committed to working with all of our customers until they are satisfied, and we would like the opportunity to speak with you in more detail about your concerns.

You can reach us at 888-588-2315 x3555 or

Thank you. Angelica Snell, Resolution Team Manager


Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand that we’ve been in contact with you about this situation, and we will continue to follow up with you to work towards a resolution.